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#travelindia is now a Monthly chat. Every 2nd Monday of the month 11 AM EST / 8:30PM India Time. The 1hr chat Qs will be auto-tweeted however I (@poonamparihar) with a guest host, will be there conduct the session. Qs will be posted on this page over the weekend, and will also be auto-tweeted during entire week on twitter. If you're not able to join the session on Monday11AM-12PM by any means. you can answer whenever you can, in the same format. Recap will be done on following Friday. 

Here is the answer tweet format. A1  - your answer here - #travelindia

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What is #travelindia?

Started July 29, 2013, #TravelIndia is the very first and only chat session on twitter about Traveling in India. A Trend-setter in its own right, (read more about how we need to have more specific chats on twitter now ) For last 2 years, excluding the period of hiatus, Every week, this lively discussion highlighted a new countenance, a new aspect of India, and in most enjoyable manner. Due to time constraints, We now have a monthly discussion.

India being the most diverse and colorful country in the world, is indubitably impossible to discuss in one chat session, and hence the chat on twitter, to show a new color of India, every time, and share the true experiences and most authentic information from the experts, w/ people who love India and by the people who love India equally.

I with a guest host, will be co-hosting the chat from official chat handle - @travelIndiaChat & @poonamparihar We will have experts from time to time who'll be able to answer specific questions. all you have to do is follow the hashtag  #travelindia and join in the discussion.

if you're passionate about everything India, and if you'd like to guest host, or sponsor the chat, or giveaways etc, please write to me at indigypsi at gmail dot com Also if you'd like to send questions to be included in chat, or any future topic suggestions, or any other query about the chat and/or India, please feel free to post them in the comments here, you can also put them on twitter with hashtag #travelindia and w/ my twitter handle @poonamparihar


New Schedule & Topics 

June 8st, 2015 -  Topic - Yoga & Travel Wellness

Questions here :

Q1 how do you take care of yourself when you travel? #travelindia

Q2 Given an option would you take a relaxed beach vacation or a sports/adventure heavy trip?#travelindia

Q3 Where did you last traveled for body/mind/soul wellness? and why? #travelindia

Q4 21st June is first ever International Yoga Day. How do you plan to celebrate it? #travelindia

Q5 What are your go-to smart phone wellness apps that you cant do w/ out during your travel. #travelindia

Q6 Know any exercise / yogasana that you'd start your day with, that can keep you fresh n going all day? tell us. #travelindia

Q7 Non-travelers usually call travelers crazy ;) Yes/No? Do you think travel helps in your mental/physical wellness? #travelindia

Q8 As a health/ environment cautious traveler, what do you carry w/ you always n everywhere. #travelindia

Q9 5 tips for people traveling for the first time to exotic locations? #travelindia

Q10 Did you know Yog / Yoga was originated in India 5000 years ago? but its more popular in Western world, Your thoughts? #travelindia

Q11 if you get an oppotunity to #travelindia and learn yoga where would you go and which form. #travelindia

May 4th, 2015 - Topic Bollywood  ( Movies - Travelindia )
Co host : Amit H.

Q1 #Bollywood or #Hollywood – Do movies inspire you to travel? Yes/ No/ How. #travelindia

Q2 Share an image/ story of a place you visited after seeing it in a movie. If not #bollywood, pick any of your fav movie. #travelindia

Q3 Movies / Documentaries / Magazines / Blogs / Friends – What is your best source of filling your #bucketlist and why? #travelindia

Q4 Tell us a #Travelgue / #Book that you loved as movie? A book that you like to be made a movie on. #travelindia

Q5 What is your favorite #roadtrip movie ever? #travelindia

Q6 One place in India that you have seen way too much in the movies and you don’t want to see any more? #travelindia

Q7 One Place you wish to see in a movie and why – name any of your favorite. #travelindia

Q8 Your most favorite bollywood travel anthem/song. #travelindia

Q9 Do you think #bollywood portrays india correctly. One place you found isn’t like what you saw in movies #travelindia

Q10 Do you think #bollywood movies help or hurt tourism and how? #travelindia

Q11 If you were an actor ;) which movie would you like to play the lead role on. Would it be a travel movie or something else? #travelindia

Q12 As a #traveler, One advice you’d want to give to #Bollywood film makers. #travelindia


July 13th 2015 -  Topic TBD
Aug 10th 2015 -  Topic TBD
Sep 14th 2015 -  Topic TBD
Oct 12th 2015 -  Topic TBD
Nov 9nd, 2015 -  Topic TBD
Dec 14th, 2015 -  Topic TBD

We'll recap/storify every chat as we did previously, but this time on and the story will be posted here. 

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