Twitter Chat #travelindia - Week #10 - Ladakh Recap

10/08/2013 09:01:00 PM

The start of this week was quite extra-ordinary to say the least. the first thing I did was to crash my macbook, by overwriting binary files, while trying to install OS X Mavericks developer code. I don't usually try to do OS dramas, but that wasn't the only thing planned for sunday night though, if it would have gone right, I was hoping to upgrade Adobe CS6 and lightroom 5 latest version, and of course add and remove many other apps that weren't compatible with my old snow leopard.

Crash can be a good thing yeah. though you might end up loosing a lot of data, but for someone like me, who cant remember what all was in there, it is okay, and I think since most of things that I can keep in my notebook is downloaded, I am guessing I wont have to cry enough later, when I need to search for certain stuff. Anyways, so apart from the fact, that I had to pay a visit to apple store in the stormy new york city, which I somehow managed to do yesterday, I woke up really dizzy yesterday morning. I have never felt the vertigo before, so it was kinda scary. This is what I ended up doing instead. I drank lemonade all day, and sat in the shower for an hour, if that could cool my head, and it worked a bit because I was feeling cool like cucumber last evening. however it was the same story back today morning, and now am quite scared. I don't like health issues nope.

Precisely the reason I couldn't host yesterday's chats, ( #travelindia & #travelpics ), though both were my very favorite topics. I have to catch a flight day after and if I feel alright, will have to go shopping a little tomorrow that i had to do today, guess I wont have time to write another post on The story of Ravana before I come back on oct 15th, and Dussehra is on 14th itself  [frowns :( ] So I am gonna leave you with this recap only. I had fun going through it myself and writing my answers as well, Next week I will be missing from the chats again as I'd mostly be in no-connectivity zone, but your hosts will run the chats for you and I am sure you'd enjoy the "all photos" chat on #travelinda a lot. Don't wonder why I am not telling yet where I am going. If everything goes alright, fingers crossed, I shall tweet you some good images from there and that'd be more fun right? BTW its one from the travel plan 2013 list on the right only, and it is also part of my wishlist letter to santa. can you guess?

wish me good luck, and now you can enjoy the slideshow :)

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And here are my answers, I just realized I can cross 140chars yay.

Q1 Ladakh in Summer or Ladakh in Winter? Which season is your favorite and why? #travelindia

"I can say winter, because I already spent 1 month in summer 2010 ;) I think the sight is unusual and not exactly as any other place would look like in winters. You would need to however brave the cold, but what' could be more fun the walking the ice. troopers."
Q2 What according to you is the best way to travel to ladakh? Road or by Air? #travelindia

I would say do both. if you are running short of time, of course Air is the only option. A flight from Delhi or Srinagar though short, but can give you a handful of breathtaking views in last 10-15 minutes, so is the feeling of landing in leh, I felt like I was landing on the moon or somewhere surely not on this planet.

If you enjoy the gradual journey, road trip is for you. But guess what, its a round trip, so book a one way, and do a road trip and flight both. how about that? 

Q3 Trek, Bike, Road trip, sightseeing. What would you like to do when in ladakh and why? #travelindia 

Chadar trek in Jan-feb is one unique trek, and there are many others such as rupshu valley or inside zanskar, these days many treks between Nubra and Indus valley are open too, so lets say one trek you should do for sure, or rest of you trip, try biking/motorbiking, using public transport if you have more time. sightseeing is for family, and hitchhiking is easy only in indus valley.

Q4 Share your images from ladakh. what did you photograph and why? #travelindia

 Good Question ;) I did lot of landscapes like everyone else, festivals and people and the way of life. I still dont have one favorite, but I like the above shot of me resting on the shores of tsomiriri, and this was also shot around the same time, which is very popular. You can see my entire gallery on flickr and I will continue to post more in days to come.

Q5 What is your best experience from traveling in ladakh? #travelindia

I wanted to live like a local, and I somewhat did, I think the best part should be public transports and How everyone was so friendly, and helped me w/ my plans. I loved my interactions w/ people think they overshadowed the scenery. 

Bonus Q - 5 must see / must do things  in Ladakh according to you, and why. #travelindia

If You can, travel solo, and try using public transport, if you can't get out of your vehicle and interact w/ locals, thats first thing one should do, anywhere in ladakh, then of course, attend a school function, where kids perform, they are the coolest, Pangong is a must. cycle to any pass, khardungla or any changla perhaps, motorbiking changla is challenge, do a trek in zanskar or changthang, and last but not the least, if you go motorbiking hunder, be nice to bactrian camels, and dont scare them with your bike show. they are already on their way to extinction.

Hope you enjoyed the chat and this post. Next week #travelindia is all about sharing photos from India ( Details here) and will be hosted by our dear @AntiTourist and rest of the crew. I wont be tweeting. But I'd hope to be back on tuesday and go through all your lovely images when back doing yet another recap. 

You can find more posts about ladakh in the top navigation menu India-->Ladakh section. 

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  1. Thanks for the post. Hope you are feeling much better now. Have a safe trip to wherever you are headed. Can't wait to be surprised by your pictures. Looking forward to seeing them...:)

  2. Hi Rupal, Today I woke up a bit better, still got headache but thankfully no spins, and I cant be glad enough. Thanks for your wishes, Hopefully weather gods will be on our side and we'll have an amazing trip Cant wait to share the adventures and images....

    You have a good weekend too.


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