Twitter Chat #TravelIndia - 6th Edition Re#ash "Mumbai - The Gateway of India"

9/13/2013 02:51:00 AM

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Happy Belated Ganesh Chaturthi to you All. If you dint know let me tell you, Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10 days long hindu festival celebrated in all parts of India and outside, on the occasion of Birth of Lord Ganesha The date falls sometime in the months of August - September as per the hindi calendar, and this year it was Monday Sep 9th. This festival is not just one popular ritual but also very critical economically as many local artisans and industries survive on this yearly event, just like those making festivals items for other hindu festivals such as dussehra and Diwali.

The Grandeur of Lord Ganesha's procession and visarjan ( immersion) in Mumbai beats of the celebration activity anywhere else in the world, and that is why, this is one of the activity Mumbai is most famous for along w/  being economic capital of india, the Bollywood industry, and many other such things.

On the occasion of Lord Ganesha's Birthday, we took #travelindia to Mumbai, otherwise known as The Gateway of India. I have never been to Mumbai before. As a child, I had a very scary picture of these two cities in my mind, One was Dubai and the other Bombay, and that was all, thanks to movie industry because Crime films revolving around the Indian mafia, particularly the Mumbai underworld, have been extremely common in old bollywood films. well, that was history, and thanks to #travelindia I personally got a lot of insight in to What mumbai is all about from Monday's session. If you missed it here is the recap w/ some very good recommendation about places and activities in the forth most popular city in the world. well I am not really sure about that last part. you tell me.

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Hope you enjoyed the session recap. But remember a recap is no excuse to miss it live every Monday. Its Onam Festival on Monday Next week and week's session is dedicated to Kerala,  The chat is scheduled for 12 PM EST i.e. same time. and more details and questions are /will be posted on #travelindia page here  I have charted entire year's  schedule on the page as well. so if you have any questions you want to add in chat, or if you'd like to guest host, share your thoughts, comments anything just leave the message on the page or tweet me. Also check out more photo-essays and stories from India in the Navigation menu on the top. 

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