Twitter Chat #travelindia - 3rd Edition Re#ash "Colors of Rajasthan"

8/13/2013 02:30:00 AM

Ask us what is more to Rajasthan than being a dry, scorching hot, largest part of the land and all desert of a country we call India? and we'll say let us show you what.

In our 3rd session of #travelindia, we discussed the very vibrant Rajasthan. The land that breathes Royalty. The land where life itself is a big extravaganza. The land that once you visit you can never forget. presenting here the recap of today's twitter chat in a slideshow format. make sure to keep the cursor on the slide window, to read those tweets with inbuilt photos. ( Please Note - if for some reason you're not able to view the slideshow (404 error) here, just go to sometimes their server is down and hence the issue. If ever I find a better way to embed the tweets will do the updates)

There is certainly more to Rajasthan then we could discuss. many misconceptions such as that Rajasthan is all desert, no greenery, or it is very touristy etc. to break. With one of the oldest mountain range Aravali in Rajasthan and considering most of the forts and palaces are built on the hills, it is hardly unknown that Rajasthan is very pastoral to say the least. I could go on, or keep more for the next chat about Rajasthan because clearly we didn't have enough of this yet.

Next week, we are talking Public Transports in India. that means you get to see and share lots of travel photos from rail, roads and streets of India and share many stories from the road. wont you love that. 

The Session is scheduled on Aug 19 Monday 12 PM EST More details are posted on #travelindia page here  please feel free to ask questions in the comments.Also check out more photo-essays and stories from the top Navigation menu.

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