Twitter Chat #travelindia recap - Public Transports of India

8/26/2013 11:21:00 PM

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If the chaos in the image above looks a bit familiar to you, then you know what I am talking about. Public transport in India, can be a nightmare and most surreal experience at the same time. Indian railways, the fourth largest freight carrier in the world is not just a carrier, and predominant mode of transport, but really is the lifeline of this nation. I, being the daughter of retired railway employee have traveled in Indian rails and in different classes from sleeper to first class all my life and have truly cherished all my journeys. But thats not all, being a middle-class Indian and a traveler, I can say, that the real india is what you experience using the public transport. be in a bullock-cart, and human rickshaw, or passenger train.

Our Aug 19th, edition of #travelindia was all about seeking more knowledge and awareness of these modes of transport and in that process see more of spiritual India which exist just outside your train or bus window. Did you notice it before? Do check out what #travelindia said in this recap slideshow below.

Make sure you keep the cursor in the slideshow area, to read the tweet with photos.

( Please Note - if for some reason you're not able to view the slideshow (404 error)  here, just go to  sometimes their server is down and hence the issue. If ever I find a better way to embed the tweets will do the updates)

So we all agree that traveling in India, either it is for your daily work, or for the sake of travel, is one of a kind experience and the public transport which is as diverse as India herself is, plays a huge role in it. All of us have had some good and bad but unique memories of traveling in India and few suggestions to throw as well.  Oh BTW we did share a few tweets about Cheap domestic Flights in India too..if you missed those in the recap. But those went missing somehow,  not best of memories and just the views? I am guessing.

Hope you enjoyed the talk. You can of course join us live ever Monday. The next week's  session is scheduled on Sep 2 Monday 12 PM EST i.e. same time. and more details are /will be posted on #travelindia page here  Please do suggest any topic that you want us to cover, share your thoughts, comments anything. Also check out more photo-essays and stories about India from the top Navigation menu. 

Until next week,  but before I go, here is a shout out to everyone from #travelindia by #travelindia. It was just an idea a couple of weeks back and now its out there and not only you all regulars, make it an hour long crazy fun ride with your wonderful experiences and photos that you share, but you help, people with real, raw info that can only help them better their trip to india and make it more memorable. Seriously More Power to you all. 

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  1. Great recap. We had fun participating in the chat this week. Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Thanks Heather.... Looking forward to having you around..


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