Twitter Chat #travelindia - 2nd Edition Re#ash Indian Monsoon Destinations & Festivals

8/05/2013 09:36:00 PM

(Travel India) Twitter Chat Week #2  Topic - Indian Monsoon Destinations & Festivals

After a harsh and long summer in the plains, and hills alike, Monsoon Season in India is one season most awaited and always welcomed w/ a broad bright smile and open heart by every Indian. A Good Bountiful rain not only cools down the weather for us to not only get out in the open,  do some rain dance and  enjoy some really hot desi chai and pakodas, but it actually get the soil ready for crops like Barley, Musturd, Sunflower etc i.e. another Harvest season to begin and lots of raw natural beauty to witness.,also needless to say,  the beginning of the Festivity from holy month of Shravan and small religious festivals to major regional celebrations suchs as Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam and Durgashtmi leading it to Dussera and Diwali.  

This week in our @travelindiachat #travelindia we celebrated monsoon magic. Check out the quick recap of today's session.

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PS Here is the list of upcoming festivals in India.

Next week, we are talking about vibrant and magical "Mharo Rajasthan" We shall focus on culture, heritage, hidden gems, spectacular sand dunes, camels and not to mention food. BTW I have ghost stories to tell as well :P Dont run away. you wouldn't wanna miss it. 

Join in this tweet session about india's most charming land of kings and colors, at 12 PM EST Monday. See you on twitter. 

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