North-East India : The Unknown on #travelindia recap week #17

12/14/2013 06:11:00 PM

North-East India : A Nice one I found on has one significant point in each of the seven states fondly called the seven sisters.

I have read a little about North-East, I had friends from there. I watched it unfolding its mystery a little in movies and documentaries, and I am sure it filled my imaginations too. As I would say, always, That, one can not really know a place unless until one has visited the place him/herself. But when I have explored the north-most and south-most points of India and traveled across the globe, why I never thought of visiting Northeast ( except once when I was planning to see Bihu Festival about 2 yrs back or so). Well, one riddle I was hoping to solve here in the #travelindia, week #17 session on Dec 1st.

A spiritual and cultural heritage, Majuli island - photo courtesy :

The North-East session on #travelindia has been one of the most informative and a very interesting one w/ contrasting views and opinions about traveling situation there, and so it helped clear lots of clouds about the place unknown in a discussion surrounding the questions listed below.

Q1 Tell us One reason, Why north-east region is least visited in India? #travelindia 
Q2 One word that comes to your mind when you think of North East. #travelindia 
Q3 If you get a chance to travel to North East which state you’ll go first and why? #travelindia
Q4 Share an Image from North East India that captures your imagination of the place. #travelindia
Q5 Accordng to you, What can be done to promote sustainable and ecotourism in north-east india? #travelindia 
Q6 One regional festival that you’d like to attend while you’re in North east #travelindia 
Q7 The Best wilderness exploring option in North East India according to you? #travelindia
Bonus Q Any favorite North Eastern Cuisine? Share an image. #travelindia

Above is a short recap, as by the time I storify'ed this session, many tweets dint show up, perhaps because of some indexing issue. ( Please keep the cursor on the slideshow, for viewing the tweet w/ images)

Its pretty intriguing to see, how north-east seems mostly ignored, in lack of good PR. because when it comes to accessibility, it is indeed very accessible, come to think of it, even Ladakh doesnt have Trains, but north east has. so what makes it seems so in-accessible is perhaps the mental block as clearly stated by @easytoursofaisa, that and, not many people know about Whats in there to see.

Another interesting point that popped out was if we should just leave it the way it is. well, as I previously said, sustainable tourism is not up to people who are promoting it. its on authorities that are managing the inflow of people. Here is the irony, No one talks about the horde of bottles, wrappers and tons of non-decomposable material that was found in ladakh during 2010 cloud burst, and I remember some people not wanting to have the ladakh festival ( it was eventually cancelled i believe) but just not to increase the environmental issues.

Tawang Monastery An image of Tawang - the largest monastery in India, shot by one of my photography friend anoop negi.

Only yesterday I was watching this video about one atoll in tahiti, where the construction is on aimed w/ a LEED Platinum certification for a community village w/zero-carbon footprint and have it 100% energy independent i.e. highest environmental standards. All I m trying to say is, How many resorts called eco are really eco?

So Honestly promotion wouldn't create issue, but if the government really look after the place and the inflow of people, it'll not only put this area on tourism map but also let the natives connect w/ both travelers from w/ in the country and foreign, for I think one of the reason that North-east itself feels so disconnected from rest of the country somehow lies w/ in this whole lack of interactions w/ the outside world.

North-East India Website -  ( Doesn't look like official tourism one, but at least there is one to explore )

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