Twitter Chat #TravelIndia - 5th Edition Re#ash "Wonders of India"

9/11/2013 04:24:00 PM

Faith Lined-up... | Thats Colors of India for you | Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 Prayag

Ask me to name one wonder of India and I'd immediately say its People.
But thats not all, or is it? :)

India is blessed with such Rich History, Heritage and Cultural or Natural Diversity that Its practically impossible to pick what is that one thing that will make you wonder about it the most. What touches you deep inside. India affects everybody, a sense of belonging infiltrated in each one of us, no matter if one's born here, always been here, or visited for a while.

This session was all about that and more. One of these days I was busy imagining few world famous wonders in the some nooks and quarters of india and I couldn't help but ask everyone to scheme it with me. find out which one won the vote. :)

Here's the recap of one of my favorite session on #travelindia till now. Make sure you keep the cursor on the slide area to see the tweets text w/ photos.

( Please Note - if for some reason you're not able to view the slideshow (404 error) here, refresh it or just go to  sometimes their server is down and hence the issue. If ever I find a better way to embed the tweets will do the updates)

Hope you enjoyed the session recap. But Dont miss it live every Monday. The next week's session on Mumbai, is scheduled on Sep 9 12 PM EST i.e. same time. and more details are /will be posted on #travelindia page here  Please do suggest any topic that you want us to cover, share your thoughts, comments anything. Also check out more photo-essays and stories from India in the Navigation menu on the top. 

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