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11/12/2014 11:15:00 PM

Teardrops in the sky. #rain #music #neilsedaka #saturday #YouMeanEverythingToMe #oldies

If not anything else, how remarkable and noteworthy 2014 has been as a proof that I am such a liar. or perhaps truly a very optimistic soul, so much that I absolutely hated 'intersteller' I don't think we as a society have peaked yet and doomsday, if there is one, is centuries away. and I can continue living my lazy life aha. anyways, I just read through my last years' review and plans and resolutions of course for this year i.e. 2014 the write-ups though had pretty much nothing as goals except on blogging front, and on which I failed miserably. sorry about that. but here is my promise to you my readers, for the future. no more blogging goals. *feels relieved*

So while I am trying to find my passions, fruits and fitness, all and everything life around 10 miles radius of central park, I do admit I am slow and I continue to be because I feel its a good thing. I am really loving the fact that I wait and stay back every day for sunrise and sunset to wish the sun, hello and goodbye, that I can remember and cherish the harvest and blood moon from my window still and that, I no longer run to mountains, with only motive to escape the regular life but for greater connection with nature and the extra pleasure. I am happy where I am.


Between Adventure and Travel if I have to pick one, I feel I am always more inclined towards pure adventure. This year was more travel and less adventure and perhaps thats why less motivation to blog. But even if 2014 was not huge on adventure front, It brought significant growth on personal front and nothing says that better but the above statement. so much that counting achievements feels so insignificant, and unnecessary. yet I write, and write only what inspired me and One of those had surely been the NYC 26.2 miles Marathon.

MIle 24, East 84th Street TCS NYC Marathon Sunday Nov 2, 2014

Until last week, I may have never-ever thought of running, or actually ran,  except in my dreams, which I regularly do - some weird recurring dream since childhood and now would be a reality soon - While last year I somehow missed this festival like event, this time around, from early morning before the run began, I was hanging on my window trying to catch a glimpse of the marathoners on the Verrazano Bridge. No I couldn't photograph any w/ my 200 zoom. But inspite of tons of walking, glad I made it to the central park and at a good, loud spot, and What a sight it was.

And how the morning looks like after that crazy sunset yesterday. All colors. Everywhere. #FallSeason this is. #jerseycity #nyc #newyork #skyline

sunrise lower manhattan from my window.

New York is insane and so are New Yorkers, I thought. It was windiest day ever and so so cold, but People were high on energy, both runners and those volunteering & cheering, runners of all age, shape and sizes, after all this is one of the biggest marathon in the world. So overwhelming and excruciating this atmosphere, It made me shed off my excuse of breathing issues I developed during long illness at the age of 17 and now I want to run to.

Just to bring you back from far end, if you're, here is one hilarious take on marathon preparation.

Such is one's bucketlist, #life ? What you wish for next, something you never thought of before, right? One of the other thing I enjoyed doing in the recent past was decor-craft. those following me on pinterest may know I have spent an incredible amount of time pinning DIY projects. I haven't touched real colors since 2005 or 06 and I was really missing them. So I made multiple trips to Michaels, began with painting pots and saucers, did some crochet and sprained my neck ( last time I saw a hook was when I was in high school, so yeah. ) and made many small things over the weekend, the above project was the longest and took about a week. it difficult to say what exactly inspired me, but it began with the image of "bani thani" that I saw on pinterest and rest was the flow of thoughts. I loved all the new techniques I learned and I think I would want to do some more of these. There is nothing like seeing the auro the colors create on your hands. Its such an stimulating energy, almost like meditating.

Multnomah Falls Portland
Enough about indoor adventures, wilderness needs a mention here, and beyond that famous window of my home. One of the reasons I delayed and later dint write about my trips was because I lost all my photographs, well, almost all of them. I am going to staple tomorrow to give my flash drive a final try, if it shows some mercy on me and give my data back, pray for me would you please. I had uploaded few jpegs from this years travel on flickr, so I could produce this post now.

From Whatever I have seen in this country, not alaska, bu Utah has to be my favorite place. I love the red rocks. the sacred south west is so unique a landscape. But having said that, exploring Washington, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia and some areas of Maryland and Philly weren't all that bad either. I have always maintained that this place is so rich in landscape let alone the other worldly stuff. You see so many colors of nature all year around, the spring madness, the fall goodness, I just wish it was little easy to travel though, I would run out in the wild every weekend.  These short memoirs won't do justice but, just to document the experiences, here is little recap of all the places I have been to this year, for most of these haven't been blogged.


'on my way to san juan islands - friday harbor seattle'

It began with a day long trip March this year, to Philadelphia region, a birding trip in modern words rather, until then I was just procrastinating and whining about the facts what I want to do with all the photographs I have accumulated over the past 4 years and see that, now I need those back, life I tell you. anyways, the next big trip - The vampire diaries land, No I dint go to Atlanta but rather stayed with in the forest lands and mountain valley. Immediately followed the trip to Seattle, the most memorable one, despite the fact, I couldn't see Avalanche lily, (Wildflowers of the Northwest) perhaps I was there too early.

"On the way to Paradise Inn, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington"

I vaguely remember I mentioned Seattle somewhere on the blog. Ah here's the short post I wrote before I went MIA. So I will not repeat myself. My bro just visited New York and he told me he did few hikes in the area and also mentioned it was looking pretty nice until now that it has beginning to rain like what Seattle is known for. Well until I am there again, mostly March next year, Be nice to my bro, you wild wild west.


Mt. Rainier National Park 


"Falling Spring Falls" & lake moomaw Covington Virginia

This fall tucked in  near the corner of a mountain raod is one of the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen, and this and above image or many other I have dont really do justice to its beauty. If I' say again, You'd day I'm cribbing too much but I don't have Raw files right now to process a good one, these are just two jpeg out of camera, i uploaded on flickr. well more than shooting, I loved getting under the fall, and so much that I got sick immediately after. ( Totally worth though) close by is a lake with an unusual name and camping space near the bridge, the area was somehow closed, since we reached late, so after dinner we headed to Summersville instead. Hopefully if I go in to that area again, I would like to do a round of Lake Moomaw and see and do all the activities around that area. Its been long time Kayaking.

 Summersville, West Virginia

A hidden coloful natural pool near summersville lake,  west virginia. this is towards the south-west end on the way to gauley river.
'a pool near summersville lake'

Its one thing to road trip usa, and other to explore one place at a time. While I am always one for the road trip, Now I feel If I need to stick to one place and one activity at a time, because if I dont do that, I am more or less missing the real fun thing about that area and only touching the surface when it comes to exploring the landscape. such has been the case with West Virginia really. We did good round of Monongahela, but the west side of the state, there are many areas to go rafting and some real adventure sports and but lack of time and all we could do is see the summersville lake and spend few hours soaking our feet in the coldest waters of Gauley river near the dam area and see people launching their rafts.

Blackwater falls State Park WV . Monongahela National Forest


Camping here in north america is way different from the kind of experience we have there in india. allotted space, firewoods, electricity and other supplies and what not, it looks less wilderness and more organized camping trips sometime, having said that, I am yet to discover tiny spaces, little hikes, a spring that suffice your fresh water needs and just sunrise-sunset kind of treks. I am not sure if I am scared / not scared of vast spaces though.

Both Virginia and WV are green & beautiful, and even more in fall season i think, I am seeing images coming from the region on the regular basis. There are many treasures hidden here and there, missed and discovered every season, I personally loved the little section of the drive around appalachian trail in chambersburg town where we spend first night of the trip in the car near a lodge, awaiting meteors showers, that didn't show up really, but drive in the morning through the area unto the vast meadows and dairy land of MD was amazing.

Sakura Matsuri Newyork -Instagram
Not that Shenandoah or Smokey's need alternatives but perhaps lesser visited forests like Monongahela and G. Washington Forest would be my definite choice next falls seasons if I can make it. for now I am content with fall goodness in central park. trust me its coming up slowly and its getting gorgeous here.

BTW You think its not worth visiting the local botanical gardens? think again.
Quite a filler was this brooklyn botanical garden, for not visiting D.C. in spring, But honestly I wanted to go wild flower hunting and I did identify the trails in all directions but the plan never materialized so I walked from one gate to the other in BBG and prospect park and though I hated the crowd, the late spring bloom was very pleasing to the eyes.

Montauk Lighthouse 

Few other places I visited were Long Island - sky diving trip ( I blogged) and little known ( comparatively) Paterson falls here in New Jersey, Shorter trips I may not remember right now. yes, I certainly can't at this moment. So I might add a few in the future just incase.

I have been longing to take a day long train trip up north to Rutland before fall foliage disappears, it would be in the spur of the moment I guess. But even if it doesn't happen, I have One visit to California all planned out in December so well, not bad this year really. let see how 2015 shapes up. This has been already long post and my back hurts and its 11:30pm now so I sign off now.
good night world.

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