Falling In Love With Seattle

6/06/2014 04:14:00 PM

castle point / san juan island

Technically, This isn't my first trip to Seattle, Washington. I had been there before in October last year on my way back to New York from Alaska. But I dint spend much time there then and It wasn't home. Now It is, and I already miss it.

I just got back from a couple of days long trip to the west, Washington & Oregon. This trip was due earlier, in March and I could make it only now, but nonetheless It was great time spent with family, friends the beauty that the wilderness there is. Actually, Just a week before, I was in West Virginia, VA, PA and Maryland as well. Needless to say, I have soaked in so much of glorious lush green forests beauty this summer has brought, I will cherish it through the fall season when the red, oranges & yellow show up and this time, I hope I'd get lucky.

Sunset San Juan Islands Near Seattle Washington
the sunset from the ferry - san juan islands

In a separate post, or perhaps in the individual posts I would detail what all I covered and how along with my recommendations. For here is my initial plan for the sake of geographical facts about the place, The map that I created in March this year. A trip to WA definitely did take a toll on me, and the fact that Seattle is home now, I made it a rather relaxed trip then running around and explore whatever I like and can. Even then, we pretty much traveled the length and breadth of I-5 from all the way Burlington to Portland in multiple trips. Perhaps, or rather the fact, that I-5, right out of downtown / home, was so convenient to go back and forth, I think I loved driving miles on it.

A rather congested looking yet a peaceful city, this Seattle, I wouldn't claim that I have known it all, The weather was perfect those 5 days I was there, Very sunny unusually, The views of the mountain peaks were spectacular both from the highway and when we climbed short trails to the snow peaks and high elevation view points. The structure of the downtown, and how well fitting it is for both pedestrian, bikers ( which are many by the way) and also for the cars ( The traffic seems well organized except some hiccups with  Harbor Island and Bremerton, I was quite surprised by the excessive use of the ferry. In fact just because of this, we dropped going to Olympic from the way and turn the wheels towards Portland. Then of course, is the Airport. The link train connection is excellent, took me about half hour to reach the airport and it was easy to locate the checkin and gate for my airline. I remember last time when I landed, I found it so difficult to go from one gate to the other with-in the airport. I think from and to the city from the airport is equally easier.

Coming up on the blog are, detailed stories from Mount Rainier National Park, San Juan Islands, Multnomah Oregon, Mount Saint Helen etc, some of the places that I visited and few of my recommendations and guides of the places around, except the hotels/lodge and eating joints since I dint eat out much. Lots of work back home in New York, I am canceling tomorrow's trip to Philadelphia, Yes The Great Bull Run and Tomato Royal plus the after-party. No, I am not chickening out from the race, I was never in the race, but booked it as I was just looking forward to shoot the event, and perhaps participate in Tomatina fun, But I think I' will leave it to guessing, If I really missed the fun. Looking forward to a simple walk in the park tomorrow. Central Park, Here I come.

PS I have posted some of the iphone shots from the road on Instagram / facebook page. Do check 'em out. Also I am uploading some uncut videos from the road on my youtube - here is the link

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  1. Hi Poonam,
    Happy to know that "I have soaked in so much of glorious lush green forests beauty this summer has brought, I will cherish it through the fall season "
    I am just back with one month ladakh trip, did not plan much, wanted to take it slow and enjoy nature, this was the best decision as I could stay where I liked, do nothing, just enjoy nature.

    Sameer Ahmed

  2. Hi Poonam your blog is to good .I really like this "blog".
    Honeymoon packages to mauritius

  3. @Sameer - thank you I hope you had a great time. this slow travel is the best way to do it IMHO. Glad you enjoyed it. Take care.


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