Photography -- #5 : 13 photography projects ideas for 2013

1/12/2013 05:34:00 AM

New year, new resolutions, and one of the most common photography resolution is to do a 365 days project. I know you can start in any day in the year, and you can even do a 52 week project, which in my opinion is more do-able, ( i.e. if you're serious about producing things extra-ordinare, you"can" build entire frame in mind and later implement and execute it with in a week. ) but beginning a project on 1st of january has its own charm right. just like on your birthday or anniversary. But here is the thing,  If you've not yet started a #Project365, or you've started and left in a week,  (its 12th day of the year) did not like what you created ( it wasn't incredible, or up to your standard. trust me it happens) i.e you're one like me who's been miserable at it, you must know, world will never run out of ideas. or if it does, and you' dont want to think much, there's inspiration flowing everywhere you look, all you have to do is to "google".

As I mentioned in my year end post,  I had been jotting down a few creative photography ideas that I am looking forward to do in future. there are already many posts on internet full of classic ideas, what matters however is how you execute them. here I have 13 of my favorites lined up and ready to be shared with you all. which can not only improve you photography by many levels, but can also tickle your creative bones for good.

1-  iPhone Creativity - App Art

"an iPhone is enough to awake the artist in you"

photo courtesy -  by DraMan 

With thousands of art and photography applications available on it, iPhone undoubtedly is my very first choice when it comes to searching for a new project ideas. forget Instagram or any other filtered photo-sharing app, grungy backgrounds and distorted photos, the photo processing applications on iPhone can take your photograph up ten levels. You can almost create anything. All you have to do is be a kid, be open to learn some cool apps and get going. look for inspiration on ( no they aren't sponsoring me, I love the website)

2- Minimalistic

Minimalistic is best project to do if you want to product photography in future. With the arrival of Mobile photography, we have begin to notice tiny little things around us and shoot and share them. you can extend that habit, get creative and shoot your small/singular subject in a minimalistic way. the idea is not to crowd the frame. You can make a canvas out of anything, your face, body, a simple wall, an empty photo frame, or anything with sober surreal background, and create a story around it.

3- PhotoShop | Double Exposure | Merge | Silhouettes

photo courtesy- 

Learning new PhotoShop techniques or improving your processing skills is always a good option to choose as a new year project.  When it comes to photography skills, there are many projects that you can do. Pick-up One new technique, let say merging two or more shots, and bring your project around it. You can create frame from one of the photograph and fill it with words, verses, things that you love or anything. Double exposure, Motion Blur, Silhouettes are few more techniques that you can put your project around.

4- Miniature / Small World Project

"I'd like to remember the time, when I had handful of toys, miniatures, playing house-house''

Well, You'can still buy a few, or get your own miniature done as well, and take it along with you wherever you go and photograph it at each place you'd feel like taking a self-portrait.

A very simple project this, but have vast options. you can create your own miniature world or set of world and shoot them with all your creativity.

5- Then & Now (Past Meets Present)

After much search I found the exact photograph I was looking for. "Past and Present" can be of various kind. most of the projects you'll see online are the frames with a hand holding a old photograph positioned well on the new frame. Thats not what I am talking about.

Most of the project I've laid down here need you to be more engaging. more engaging with the subject, and surrounding and seeking information from it. the photo above fits the bill. The best part, You'd dont have to find and shoot only your now and then photographs. You can shoot your siblings, friends, and even the people you meet. Now dont tell me,  you've never met someone who showed you his/her family albums to create more conversations.  ;) 

6- Memories ( Expats)

Alright, this wont suit you if, you've been living at once place your entire life. this is for people like me, even when I was not a nomad or expat, My family has been perfect fit for "movers & Shakers". We have moved to several houses with in the city. One of these days, I want to visit all those houses and see how they look like now. then came the wish to see all those places I've stayed in for days/week/years. Well, it might be difficult to photograph all of them, from the past at-least, but a project is always about what you can really do. your efforts are what matters the most. so if not in the past, the traveler you, may as well line this up for a future project.

7- Volunteer / Social Cause Documentary Project

If you already volunteer for a social cause, or if there’s a social issue you feel very strongly about, and want to explore, get engaged in it, a photo project centering on it is not only a good documentation subject but can also be very fulfilling personally. You can plan it as per your volunteering schedule so its not extra overhead, also incase you dont have that many days in the year to get involve in long projects there are always photography projects like "Help-Portrait" which you can take part in.

8- Complete your family Tree

Yes, Keep geni or any other service out of discussion for a while, what we are talking about is a photography project. I mean what better way to meet you Cousins, Your aunt, you met where you' were little,  your relatives settled across the city or country, one marriage you miss and you 've miss the perfect gathering of generations. Remember one of the wish in my Letter to Santa was to find my ancestors history and heritage? Its not gonna be easy, Its india, I mean how old am i, and my passport DOB is incorrect, I have no photo of my childhood.  wont accomplish it by just browsing through a library or two, or traveling to Mandore or Osian in Rajasthan, and I'd know it all Its India with vast history and small stories are burned levels down, you cant dig. But above project can definitely help, or rather I'd say one of the first few steps to learn about your Ancestors.

9- Know your city

I always, always, wanted to shoot Delhi, the capital of India and my birth place, explore it, know its history. I think each and everyone of us, have certain attachment with our roots. So bring out the hidden, unique and true frames from your city. the techniques, can be any. the result should be the character. your photos can tell the world what the city is all about. good or bad, its the interpretation and it's in your own language.

10- Follow your favorite Artist/Band/s

And by that I dint mean, being a Rock Band photographer, I mean that would be awesome, no? but that depends on the opportunity, you can always follow a local favorite band of yours, which your friends are involved in/ are part of. Pop/Rock Artist/Band photography is happening, but incase you are not one of those lucky ones, What you can still do is to take up their future Song/Album subject and shoot it in your full creativity. Know about The Maroon 5 Album Hand's all over? and the cover shot by Rosie Hardy which the band picked up on flickr search ) who know's your photograph will be on you're favorite Artist Next CD cover. 

11- Shoot your possessions, things you love ( and not of others)

You must 've heard about this historical project by,  When I learned about this project first, the very first thing that came in my mind was, how much trouble it could be for these people to pull all the belongings, small or big, everything out of the house and get it all back inside and set it up again. but trouble was what make these project great perhaps.

My idea is a bit different. its more personal, an exploration of your surroundings. things those you love, and those you need. things those you have forgotten you ever had. things you might not need any more they are just lying there because you never noticed them. Shooting your possessions can be creative. it can be minimalistic, you can combine multiple items together and shoot. the atmosphere in the photograph is totally up to you. You can also include your loved ones in the project.

Not only that you are documenting the life around you, you can also collect the unused items and perhaps give them away to someone in indeed. there, you've done your social service too.

12- Shoot your favorite Book 

if you are no short of resources, you can stage an entire book, best way to bring you imagination on print. take up one of your favorite book, you can initiate the project with a short story, small one, begin with characters, imagine who around you can best fit those characters. bring in the atmosphere, arrange the set up and shoot. :)

13-  Photo of everyone YOU MEET

Here comes the toughest one. Can you really do this? Every interaction? Its a project for a lifetime. Its a project that'll have you on alert 24X7. perhaps that would be too much? I know I have missed those cylinder delivery guys and auto and sabji walas to immigration officers.

what however is easier to do document it for each travel.  Just keep a reminder at first. once you're used to of doing it. it'll be simpler. a portrait photo book of 50/100 people you met on your xyz expedition, sounds great isn't it?

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