2013 Whats in store for you..!

12/28/2012 04:00:00 PM

This isn't about me, this is about this blog.

photo courtesy - http://www.minuto30.com/

So Yes i went with the flow. you cant blame me. Everyone was writing a letter to Santa, sending their wish lists to that someone sitting in heaven or north pole, and I thought why not me too? I dont know it made me look like a fool, did it? I mean you can make certain plans ( travel or anything) yes, indulge in lazy dreamy sequences of how you wish to live those future moments but at the end of the day, planning a whole enitre 12 month long year? is pretty much next to impossible specially for someone like me, who and I quote, is someone who takes it as it comes.

Well, No matter how flashy, exotic, secretive ( yes there are few I haven't told you about yet) and somehow inattentive and preposterous my travel plans look,  and how I continue to dissolve and evolve through times, places and spaces, there are certain things about this blog that i can promise to follow this new year.

No more template change-

If you are new to this space, you wouldnt know, but if you're a regular reader of mine, the blog has been suffered by the "Adolescent Boredom" in me . trust me I have over thousand templates in my archives, about every template that i liked, I downloaded and tried, is still there, though I couldn't say how long it stayed active on the blog. always looked too mechanical and ecom'ish to me.

or is it perhaps, that i know a bit of xml, and dont want to give away all the control and be happy with the outlook, anyways, this is the final one, and I am not changing it. there'll be minor widgets additions, over the year, and perhaps i'll use all my boredom on the banner photograph.. which mind you, will remain static. No flashy recent post banner for me. nope.

At least 1 post per week -

Not only I resolve to post more regularly and not abandon the blog no more, but also you can expect more timely posts from me. Yes, I am going to read more magazines and stay bit trendy too, i promise.

“What a strange thing it is to wake up to a milk-white overcast June morning! | Alchi Ladakh India

12 new articles on ladakh -

Honestly I dont know when the book on my solo expedition will happen, I feel, I'd better start write before I forget the tiny-miny details, I have already forgotten many names by now. So to begin with, I am already working on my first post from Turtuk Ladakh, I hope to publish it in January. by the time, I shall be done processing photos.  fingers all crossed.

P.S. Its better to start making resolutions in movember, november i mean, and bringing them to practice in december itself. somehow it does make you stick around to, a few and no fall flat on your face by January end.


More trekking & Adventure sports tales :-

I love writing about treks, there is something about them.thinking back those moments, that adrenaline rush, the lost thoughts, popping up in between the blank noise, making way with you, walking on a path unknown. I am hoping to

  • finish publishing, the chapter 1 of my trekking life, i.e. the western ghats of India. 
  • start a new one, which hopefully will feature more himalayan plus international treks and trails.

Revisit old posts & Experiences unwritten :-

One of the thing I need to keep doing regularly is to go through old posts, and keep evolving them. my blogs are more my thought process then extensive writing work, edited to suit the need of certain publication. I' like to text to flow in the direction of my emotions, and thats how I can always go back and connect with them. perhaps its always a good idea to refine them, or not I do not know, I shall sure find out this new year.

Research based / pre-travel posts :-

Yes, you'll actually see lots of planning posts from me this year, "backpacking in iceland" for example to name one.

Well, I am a dreamer, and long before i take on a trip, I start doing mind traveling, and my life in that span of time, revolves around google. ( not that it doesnt always, otherwise) I prefer to thoroughly research about the place, I am going to, so not to miss, something important that I might regret missing later on. these findings are definitely inclined towards my likes and dislikes (often not many ) in general, but it always good to come back to these notes, with your new observations and worldliness and see how the whole process or the journey that started long before you actually boarded the plane or bus or train, has been so far.

Mahabharata theme Arjuna Nritham, The Dance of Arjuna or Mayilpeeli Thookkam at Onam Athachamayam Tripunithura Kerala At least 10 how to's :-

No I wont be writing, how to use your new DSLR or play with new filter or lens. I think manuals tells you enough  how to do so, and there are millions of tutorials already, I'd however write about the experiences, and lessons that i learned from my experiences from my travel shoots, or anything in relation with travel and photography.

This blog is something i write as much for myself as I write for all, and I feel there is no better place to add the learnings of that sort as well, anywhere but here. the first of the series, let me announce right away, will be about shooting carnivals or processions. and though I will not be shooting Mahakumbh Naga Procession in 2013 anymore, I' feel it'd be much helpful for anyone who'd be taking part as a photographer and want to shoot certain kind of shots in that procession, because its the same sort of rules that apply almost everywhere no matter the place or kind of shots.

More Photo books to be released :-

With the continuous inflow of images on internet, one might not give much importance to certain images he shoots or sees of others, and since its been so easy to "click and delete"these days thanks to digital cameras. But I still strongly believe, that if one doesnt respect his/her own photograph enough, he cant expect the same from others. in other words, if you dont think your image is print worthy, you' cant expect people to buy it and put it on their home walls.

There is another reason too. If you see, there is lot of serious effort that goes on to shooting travel photography, they aren't mere postcards from xyz places, and a travel/social photographer if you are, you dont just visit a place and happen to take pictures, and bring them back as memorabilia. Trust me I have' been scolded too many times for carrying extra weight of SLRs, lenses and tripods that most of the times I am unable to carry on my own. ( Yes, I am not very physically strong and all, take it) In addition to that, there are places you travel just to shoot photos, for example in the above case, I traveled to two different area in kerala, just to shoot the processions.

I feel that your work documented, says a lot about you as a photographer. for me its important that I log the entire process, entire journey, including the photos of course and hence comes the photobooks along with the blogs. I have so far produced four books in last year, ( JOTSR i published in Dec 2011) and I am continuing to document more as I do more projects. two of my upcoming projects will be "The Western Ghats of India" and "Kerala Personified", and unlike my previous four books where I kept text to the minimal because of being in hurry or lazy or any other reason,  both of these will feature lot of text including the photographs chosen from what I have shot in past few years. thats exactly why the two are taking their own sweet time.

Creative Photography :-

I have to admit. I cant do a 365 project. I tried last year, twice, and failed miserably both the times. I mean you dont expect me to post what i cook everyday right? I am very experimenting when it comes to shooting anything, but I am not someone who do much with the photoshops except just enhancing the images. I however do want to learn more about creating a space and shooting it. I wouldn't mind borrowing the idea from someone and recreating it, if I cant cook up something soon, but I'd love to do something, and try to be good at it and when I do it, You'd read those chronicles in here for sure.

Stick around on twitter-

How that is connected to this blog you' might think. by saying that, I want to wish to be connected to the blogging community. I have been on my own, coming and going as I like. so far I havent' been able to stick around on facebook page, havent attended a single blogger meet, and haven't been really been bothered about whats going on in the travel or photography world. I am not ignorant, no. I am way too lost in my world.

Honestly I do not believe in following passion and running around doing trendy things, making and finishing certain list of 10 things, and even "been there done that" either. for me, its some thing I just do when i feel like doing, No one can force me, No one can inspire me. No one can drop that dream in my head and say go ahead and make it come true. No. because its not about me. its about the life around me, its about whats going on. its a process.

No matter where I go, what i see, what story I tell, The story is always going to take over my dreams, my existence, my happiness, and hardship. So I do not know if I am discovering myself or the world or the world is discovering me in return. either way I like the confusion and I continue to stay that way, just be a little less ignorant. alright i said it.

Expect the unexpected :-

You know me, You'd say I am predictable or I am not. but as I said. I love the world of certainty in  uncertainty, so yes, since I run the blog, there'll always be surprises, and those I look forward to, along with you. and from  with-in that world of happy surprises, here is wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. I hope I have managed to end the year going by on perfect lines. even if I haven't there is always a new year waiting on the other side. so till then...cheers to life! ;)

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  1. Hi Poonam,
    Nice blog ... this is the first time I am visiting here. Accidentally bumped into it as was searching for some innovative 2013 design and the calendar idea was too good.
    Read your blog and is really good ... keep up the good work and will continue to read the subsequent ones :)
    Happy new year!

  2. Hi Sushil,

    Thank you so much and glad to have connected with you today.
    Have a great year 2013 and cya around :)

  3. Madam...
    Photobooks are all private now? Pls share..

  4. hey peevee..happy new year..
    nope none are private.. you can find all of em here and all have full preview on. http://www.blurb.com/user/store/itsmeguddo

  5. Good going Poonam. I love people who stick to there resolutions :). I once attempted to do a blogging schedule but failed. Let's see how you progress. Good Luck from me!

  6. you do? :))) thanks.... i can, i think stick to these, because most of these i already started end of the year :P hence on-going. mostly the issue is always in the beginning if one can deal with that, and comes January, the pressure is double.. psychological i mean... but let see..

  7. Nice promises by you to yourself..best of luck..one blog per week..I also make this promise..lets see what is in future?

  8. haha.. yes.. promises and resolutions!! letsee what happens.. first post of the year is still pending and now idea on what to post :P

  9. Nice list Poonam. Hope you can stick to it. Most interesting is "Stick around on Twitter". I haven't been able to do so.

    Your photos are amazing. :)

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Thank you Nisha, and Yes good luck to you too, for twitter :)) cya around.

  11. Amazing photographs ! you have capture really fantastic picture . I like it .

    Regards Eduard

    1. Hey Eduard,

      Thank you very much. have a great holiday season and new yr.


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