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March 14th 1PM EST / 10:30PM IST Topic - National Parks of India

Q1 Have you visited any National parks of India? How was your overall experience? #parkTravel
Q2 Share your favorite trekking/ exploring experience/ photos from Indian National parks. #parkTravel
Q3 Do you plan your travel by picking up the Park or according to flora / Fauna you want to see? #parkTravel
Q4 You're 5 favorite National Parks / Sanctuaries in India, that you recommend and why. #parkTravel
Q5 - Five Not to miss sights / Activities in Indian parks according to you. #parkTravel
Q6 Do you feel that activities in Indian national parks are well organized? any issue you'd like to highlight? #parkTravel
Bonus Q Your advice to first time park goers. How to plan and conduct themselves. #parkTravel

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~What is #parkTravel~

a One stop info based monthly chat for outdoor & adventure enthusiasts around the world, #parktravel is all about traveling, exploring and learning National Parks and Wild life destinations of the world. We'll share our knowledge of flora and fauna, how to go, precautions and conservations ideas in this 1 hours long chat. the chat will have 6 Questions. Full Schedule & Topics will be announced soon. contact @poonamparihar on twitter for more details. refer list of national parks on this page.

14th Feb - Test Topic - Thing you should know before you visit a national park”