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1/03/2016 11:35:00 PM

the beginning and the end... the ultimate truth?

Its been a decade almost, since I started blogging. I fail to recall what exactly was my motivation. I believe it would have been almost the same thought that every blogger in that time began writing with. I started with random musings, which is now micro blogging and mostly done over twitter. Over the time, I wrote about lot of things, and ultimately about my adventurous escapades, world over.

Its been a great journey, re-living those moments through scribbling over these long years, and of course sharing. a public platform to pen your thoughts is the best way to let go of your fears, insecurities, not just because you put yourself to open criticism but sharing a part of you, which be introvert-extrovert, everyone wants to do, and medium hardly matters. besides a character assassination, publicly done will only make you stronger, and refine you, if taken positively.

I learned so much in past 10 years about life around & me myself, and now I would want to take it to the next level. some new projects. something different. I have one lifetime, and I want to do lot of things,  many things. my interests are so scattered, and finally I see myself at a point in my life, where I can explore those untouched areas of life. I still may sound like I don't know what I am talking about but honestly, if I roll my eyes from left to right in my room right now, and just look outside the window, I see 'em everywhere.

There is always good and bad parts of opening up in public. I have always kept my writing simple, but at many times I have seen people forming opinion about me, my lifestyle which, btw, can not be concluded by the social media or what i express or say search on google, is probably just one percent of who I am as a person. the sad part, most of the times its not the online readers but those people around me. that aside, social media these days is one full marathon in itself that you keep running and just can't stop or rest or quit from. One thing is to learn how to begin something new, the other to understand when to put a full stop, and not to turn in to a never-ending soap opera.
It could be the grown up me, now, who's ready to prioritize and perhaps is able to do the same. - I shall test her now.

This is my final post here, and it goes with out saying I want to thank everyone who' ever visited this page, and read a line. I am not going to stop writing so there will be more from me in the future, hopefully, not here though. This blog is not going down, or pulled out i.e. all that past articles will remain available publicly, just no more new posts.

with the blog, there are few other active platforms, I am saying goodbye too, much to the pressure of keeping them active on the daily basis, which is no longer possible for me, here is the list of what stays and what goes out.

All changes in affect 01/11/2016

Hindi Blog : I admit I could never focus much on this. But I am keeping the language alive in my whatsapp I promise.

Facebook Page : will be out in one week from now. 01/11 I'll share some updates on my profile page, from time to time, but mostly I'd like to keep my musings private and perhaps come up with collective work over the time instead.

Instagram : talking about private, I have had 3 instagram accounts in the past, and that is because, its not easy to not get addicted to social media, and miss it or wanting to be back. I know i have done the same with facebook page as well, perhaps twice. so I am keeping the instagram @parienyc active, but mostly Private, let see. ( I am a moody virgo, sorry)

Flickr : Its been so long since I posted anything on flickr, and it has pretty much become my dumping ground for the images. so keeping online archiving in mind, you may seen the uploads there, the current gallery is going nowhere.

Smugmug Portfolio : is and will be my main photography website, and If not per images, I'll be uploading projects there. the images are currently on - request to buy - may change in future, but anything up there, you can send a request to me on if you are interested in buying a print.

Blurb and iTunes : My photography books are available to view and buy on both platform. no changes.


Twitter : You will not be seeing many updates on my personal twitter handle @poonamparihar ( now private ), perhaps a few forwards from instagram, and occasional tweets. I'll see if I can find someone appropriate to run @travelindiachat in future, both accounts remain alive,  and low activity.

Ecstatic, so many platforms and logins to even list,  But I believe I have covered all the regular important ones. if any else, will remain on hiatus.
My going offline, isn't really mean, you cant reach me. it is just that, I may not regularly update where I am off to and what I am up to. I have personally always hated the word "follow" and tried to avoid asking for the same. but if you wish to keep a tab on me you have options - so reach out, I love talking, and thats all I'll conclude it with.

again, a heart felt thank you to blogger platform, and all the readers and i dont know "universe"? for giving me this chance to reminisce my moments with you all.

Thank you all.
Its a goodbye.

you can reach me at

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