New Mexico - Here every true adventure feeds the soul.

5/01/2015 12:37:00 PM

As much I am excited right now, it breaks my heart to just write about this possibility that I may not be publishing anything that I planned for this month. But If it comes to choosing between adventure and writing/photography. I'd always take up the hours in the wilderness. you'd too I am sure. Its been three months since my trip to Utah-Wyoming-Idaho concluded, and I have got itchy feet, so before my senses could go wild, I booked my tickets, and not for one trip but two. Happy First of May of to me.

True Adventure that feeds the soul, that's all I ever seek. and this time I am seeking it in New Mexico. I have been to the border states of Utah, Arizona & Also Colorado & Texas, though I haven't explored the latter two much yet. It'd be my very first trip to NM, and of course I'd be exploring National Parks, like always. Here is the tentative plan.

White Sand National Monument
El Paso
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Carlsbed Cavern National Park
Santa Fe and the Las Vegas.

Also Great Sand Dunes If Possible | Time Permits.

Map Link -

If you browse the nps website link that I posted above, you'll know that there are 14 national parks in total, most of 'em are national monuments including the 'White Sand', and 2 national historic trails. I doubt I can cover everything in a short duration of 4-5 days, But the parks that I've marked in the map, and the City of Santa Fe & Albuquerque are on top of my list, and why not, where else I'd witness the old charm, and explore the enchanting American Indian Culture & Artistry, right here.

Quite weirdly, All my trips unknowingly end up on a full moon days. I don't check the calendar and book my tickets in a haste, and so I did couple of days back when I did the bookings, and right now is only when I see both the trips are on full moon. i.e. no Milkyway for me again nope. Got to do something with my name I think. But this time I think it may turn out even more better than the death valley - bad water basin in white, at White Sand NM if the weather is with me. If not, since I'm calling all these 'circles of 4 NP' trips my national park recce. I'am okay with just knowing the place enough for coming back again. Another point, this is going to be a solo trip. I know you hear a lot about this hashtag #solo on twitter and everywhere else, and I am the last person who cares much about it, as I have done it enough to give any footage but just to make my travel partner a little J, she's actually busy with a marriage right now, and most likely to miss it, and one of the reasons I am posting the trip plan in advance is to let this post play the catalyst role, fuel her a bit, so she cant resist but join. i hope you're reading this Nanditha.

Check out more about NM on New Mexico Tourism Website.

The Next trip, is to Florida end of the summer, and again a state I haven't been to yet, will be another national park recce, solo or not, I don't know yet. For now, this month, I'd be busy with 3 exams back to back and lot of running and walking around for work. But We have #travelindia chat back on twitter Monday next week, and with a very fun topic #Bollywood ( Details Here) So I hope you enjoy that. The June 1st chat, I'd most likely be joining from the road.

Also, Instagram is deleted, for those who followed me there, Please add me on twitter or facebook instead, I'd posting lot more images there directly rather than through Instagram, and with out filters. I am kind of done and over with the Square Crop and Mayfair. The Blog as you can see has a new look, a little work to do on the Sliders and Index pages still, But this is for the first time I bought a theme and edited it as per my taste. Called it the Groom for my Blog Bride, as she finally chose one for herself  after 8 long years of blogging. I hope she keeps him. Hindi blog though nothing new posted yet, would have better read with a simple dynamic view for now. So poke around, and if you have any suggestion, do let me know.

Image Description :  I shot it in Joshua Tree National Park. I was carrying this beautiful red piece of fabric, but had not planned any shoot, in fact reached this location by accident, but I' loved the morning light and this Palm Oasis was something I dint imagine to see in park, So thought will make something memorable here. This may represent a flower, a butterfly or you spreading your wings, ready to fly. full Size on flickr

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