1 City 2 Girls 3 States 4 National Parks 5 Days - UT, WY, ID : January 2015 Road Trip

4/14/2015 01:17:00 AM

1 City 2 Girls 3 States 4 National Parks 5 Days, i.e. 1644 miles of madness - this mother of all road trip till date. I remember last time i covered this much distance was in south Indian states of karnataka, tamilnadu, puducherry and kerala, the 10 days long road trip in Dec 2010. Each day was one story then, each day is one story even now. In past 5 years and after numerous road trips, I feel I am still not able to write a complete memoir, who can? unless you're fully dedicated to writing. Thank goodness, this is my personal space, so I can produce all the silly headlines in the world, one of them is this, rhythmic of course, for few.

National Elk Refuge, Wyoming USA

Before I go about finishing the rest of the trip memoir from California-Nevada Series, or begin writing the latest travel, which is this, I may have a long gap due to my other non-blogging commitments, and hence here is this quick wrap up sort of write-up, just to document the road-trip, since I didn't and couldn't post any update during my travel.


"This is a jpeg straight out of dslr, and you may not see  it clearly but try a little harder. The Only reason I took this shot, even with a radar having us on the point blank, was for that board. 
Never realized the altitudes I went driving up around here until this trip. "

I am somehow not able to take the entire map in one screenshot/embed box so I am dividing the trip in two sections, all better because if i draw a picture myself, it quite look like a bow-tie or infinity symbol, the entire road-trip map.

South Utah https://goo.gl/maps/wFJCy

The City where it all began, The Interesting Times, Divine Interventions and Adventure of course, was Salt Lake City Utah. We landed there almost at midnight, and had to wait at the airport until 6 in the morning, because we couldn't get the rented vehicle as none of the centers were open until then, this also should go in the "What I learned from my --- roadtrip part 2 " article, along with the the lesson to keep a tab on happenings in city. SLC was hosting Sundance Festival and Travel Fair.i.e. the rental prices were skyrocketed. Similar thing happened in Phoenix as well, due to NASCAR racing event. I didn't quite realize it until then.


Honda Tucson - The car was really good, definitely deserves a mention and a photo, and what 
better location than this. 

Below the map for the southern part of the trip. The National Parks covered were Bryce Canyon & Capital Reef. But the best & most adventurous part was driving Hwy 12 & 24. The worst - the south 89 - proved its totally unlucky for me. I will write more about all this later.



Bryce Canyon National Park
This is 6:30PM, a shot with out tipod & We have been locked out at 9000ft, Thanks to the Park Ranger. Living Dangerously - You Bet. 

North Utah - Idaho - Wyoming - https://goo.gl/maps/p7RWe

The second leg of the trip - From Provo-SLC to Entering to Jackson Hole - Grand Teton National Park via Idaho Falls and Teton Pass. More than Yellowstone, I drove all the way there in the hope to see northern lights, again, but weather was as bad as it could be and there was never a moment of rest, until we returned and took an hour long dip in the Homestead Hot Spring. Yup - You may have seen the blue hole in the movie 127 Hours.

The most troublesome of the trips are some how the ones, most memorable and fruitful. Not only for the scariest of weather,  stunning landscapes and wildlife in abundance at places where I least expected them, I'd remember this trip for the very alluring small town life experiences, for you know I am a small town girl myself and the simple encounters on the road with strangers, would keep that child alive in me who yearns to go back to those early mornings in my hometown filled with most purest amalgamation of sounds of Nagar Kirtan, the wake up supplications of Prophet Muhammad in the near by Mosque, and Mangala Arati. 


The Scenic drive at Capital Reef national park, another jpeg straight out of dslr, No processing, 
You see the sky. but hey, no one on the trail so all worth it i guess.

Find some more images from the trip here, that I processed last month, This as i mentioned is just a glimpse, Many more  images to upload and all the stories yet to be told. Coming up the 4th part of California Nevada Trip, very soon, and of course the #travelindia chat on twitter, which was on hiatus, and now will be a monthly chat, first monday 11AM EST beginning May 4th, 2015. Do check out the details on the page, and send your suggestions, questions. I Look forward to talking to you all.

Loa, Utah. Talk about small towns. :)

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