Letter to Santa : My 2015 Travel Wishlist

12/23/2014 03:39:00 PM

Anza-Borrego & Salton Sea i.e. the second post from California-Nevada trip has to wait. 1 day to X-mas, I need to finish my Letter to Santa. I have already written one on "macy's : a million reasons to believe" ( check the link for more details macy's make-a-wish donation campaign) though, 3 very basic, little things ;), I missed the travel part there, so tradition you know. Its a wishlist of course, but there is nothing much unrealistic about it, like for example,  I want to go there, but I don't think I can, still I wish to, kind, so here you go Santa, and Don't you worry, it'll be pretty short & sweet and totally easy for you to fulfill, my patron Saint.

1. India : 
First thing, I can't believe in less than a month, its gonna be been two years for me to not go out of United States, in other words, being away from India. Never before I stayed away that long, Not that I am complaining, I actually wonder, how I used to, widen and roll my eyes, when I hear my friends telling me, they've not been to India for 3 years etc. I think Its high time, I make a visit. I even have a road-map planned specially in the hope to attend Kumbh Mela in Nasik. So come July -Sep 2015, and if not April 2016 for Ujjain Kumbh, for one of these I just gotta go and get a dip in holy ganges.

image : ah.fm

2. Music Festival :

I know I have been going gung-ho about Burning Man for a very long time. So long in fact, that now I don't feel that motivated any more, seriously I can't start dreaming in January and be there in September. I am totally yawning by then. So unless they or someone invite me, but Here is one thing I want to do this year and thats attending a couple of days long music festival, no matter which one it is, Tomorrowland ( I would absolutely love ) but Coachella, Firefly or any of the big ones would do as well. Just need to experience the other kind of craziness a bit.

A New Terrain | Anza-Borrego Desert State Park | Southern California | #2

3. A 10,000 miles of the Wilderness :

Oh Yes, This is how I measure my "in to the wild" experience these day. Any trip in the US of America, be it adventure activities in the national parks, or urban experience, or Photography travel, ultimately turns in to road trip. In 2014 alone, I have driven about 5000 miles ( a minus 1k since I was not driving there technically) and I can not count the miles I have walked, or traveled using public transport that is. Had been a bit lazy in the first and third quarter of the year, Only befitting I double, if not 10 fold, the miles this upcoming year. First quarter looks good, as I have my flights all booked for one of my favorite places in US-Wild-Wonderland, I just hope the trend continues. Having said that, I don't think I can visit all the national parks by end of the next year, as I had wished for, but then with just nps that left to do in "one digit number" in 2016, I have my fingers all crossed for.

The River of Runners. MIle 24, East 84th Street TCS NYC Marathon Sunday Nov 2, 2014

4. Volunteering &  NYRR Marathons :

The TCS NYC Marathon this november has had me all perked up and ready to gallop, but I think I have some major issues with my ankles, only 10 minutes on treadmill are giving me nightmares, but good news I can walk miles without stopping or resting, and am working on my core pretty regularly, so hopefully I can squeeze a few 5k races, mud or color, if not a 26.2Fing miles Marathon, I don't think I will even get a entry considering all the criteria and points, etc, BUt here is the good news, I have already registered to volunteer at NYRR beginning first week next month, as promised and hoping to participate Once a month. Let see how my experience on Jan 10 going to be.

image/story : mymodernmet

5. Global Scavenger Hunt :

I am not someone who asks for travel funds, or wait for me to win a contest, that will fulfill my wish list to visit a certain place, I am not that kind of traveler or person rather. I work hard and spend my hard-earned moolah in the kind of trips I do, which turns out mostly expensive, just incase, my readers are wondering, since I do not write much about expenditure any more, a 4-5 days wilderness road trip here in united states costs me about 600-700 $$$ minimum, half of which is actually flight tickets. I haven't figured out why flights from and to New York City are so damn high. Having said that, and also, that I support crowdfunding, done in a good way i.e. putting up a project in plan, even if it is cooking a recipe ( yeah if you haven't heard about that, google now, it was one hilarious campaign ) and I want to do that too, no not recipe campaign, something adventure related. But first, What I want to do is to participate in Scavenger hunt, or something similar, like the hammock penthouse in Moab desert,  thats adventurous, involves travel and lot of people, group work. I think I need one.

6. NY Press ID : 

Before beginning my Post Graduation in Information Technology, I joined a PG Diploma in Journalism, and I hated it so much that I left it halfway. 5W&H I learned from there only, but It was nothing interesting, I have been a science/technology student forever, and I was kind of missing that, I may regret the certificate, but I dont regret I discontinued still. Then in late 2010 or early 2011, the publishing business started, writing for magazines or publishing images for 10$ or less. hated that too, so decided its not for me, but here after being to events in NYC, I seriously feel I need a govt press id. and not that ( bloggers are journalist) or few published articles and photos to bot and get a online id printed, I want a proper NY ID to cover some events I really want to do. perhaps couple of articles in NYTimes this year would be a good bet, interestingly my photos brought my Hearst and Couple of other news companies I can't even access or know the publishing date because those were sold by getty. So some help there, Santa, get me an ID.

7. PADI Certification : 

Nothing new, I have been longing to do this, since I dont know when, 2009 may be. I did Skydive this year, and initially excited, I kinda feel I don't want to do the certification,  I'll probably try gliding next and see how that feels, but even though I am more comfortable in the air then in water, this Padi is one challenge that should be out from my to-list soon. Nothing more to say, no preference on where florida or Cancun, Just do it, is the plan, is the wish.

Number 4 | my Comic Book Crush ...

8. Ladakh Travelogue :

I may be forgetting right now, what all I want to write here, but perhaps those are not that important, or should have been on top of my head right, like this one thing, the book on Ladakh. I have been dreaming of Ladakh and the time I spent there is running in motion pictures in front of my eyes, haunting me, and thats kind of making me a little too mad really. I want to get those images and stories out of my system, move on and fill in deep with in me, some new stories, faces. When I left Ladakh, I promised I'd come back, but I never did, its going to be 5 years this coming June. What'd overwrite those past memories? may be another backpacking trip? to say goodbye to the first one. This has to be done.

Lower East Side - Street Art, New York City

9. Illustration : 

Last but not the least, One thing I always wanted to do, is to draw better, I am pretty good at seeing the lines and drawing but I lose perspective when I am imagining something and trying to outline that picture in my mind on to the paper. This year I want to write a scrapbook, a diary of illustrations of my thoughts and what I felt or all that time I spent alone in the wild, just with nature. And I surely don't want to scare people away when they see those artworks. So you see Santa, Some New Talent, Big Fish, Big Wish.

Thats about it I guess. About Photography, Nope not wishing for 5DMIII or Sony Photographer of Year, Just do what I do, and be better at that, and for those that're wondering I haven't named the places, except perhaps India ( which is BIG in every way), As I wrote in my last year's letter, Everywhere is in my wishlist, All National Parks, every mile on the earth, A wishlist painted on burlap, hanging on my wall, Nothing has changed so far. That, I believe, is a good thing.

Oh Yes : 10. is Baking : Failed 4 or 5 times this year and so much waste i hated myself for.
one good edible cookie. is that too much?

Merry Christmas. Have a Great 2015.

Here a Short Review of the year 2014http://blog.poonamparihar.com/2014/11/philosophy-passions-je-ne-sais-quoi.html no sob stories, no counting achievements I promise.  

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