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11/28/2014 08:34:00 PM

I hope you'll are having a great thanksgiving weekend, enjoying family time and of course shopping deals atleast here in US, but weekend still in rest of the world. I did my fair bit of online shopping earlier this morning, clearing out carts that were pending for couple of days, and avoided going out totally. Although I am totally regretting my decision now, I should have just gone for a walk. Just thought I'd be a little productive on an otherwise lazy day and write a bit, while I wait for some ombre magic  to set in my hair.

I know I have been talking about image archives almost nonstop since earlier this year, and that I really want to bring all the images out, in one way or the other, because honestly, thousands of images sitting in the archives, unpublished, unseen, really don't do good to no-body. So I suggest if you photoshoot often, and have good inflow of images, you better release them in whatsoever way you' feel comfortable.

Having said that, I should also take my own advice, right? so here I begin with sharing few images from April this year, when I visited this interesting, historical and a very unique place in New York called Coney Island.


Thats right. If you see one such half a billboard size message written somewhere, you know where you are. There is a beach, there is boardwalk, there are museums, magicians and fun rides but above all a certain characteristic that distinguish this outrageously innovative place from all other city boardwalks i have even been to.

One of the must visits in months of summer, Coney Island is well with in the city neighborhood, last stop south on Q, N and few other subway trains route. It is famous  for Nathan's Famous ( thats right, two famous in there),  for american visual performing arts forms, circus sideshows, vaudeville, burlesque, mermaid parade, along with all that I mentioned before. Oh, Did I mentioned street art yet?



I love all these seasonal parades that keep happening in new york, each distinctive, showcasing old & new traditions, and trust me, I regret it when I miss any, mostly because, well I can be a lazyass until am thrown out of the house. I have missed two coney island mermaid parade back to back, so far. Although last year shouldn't be counted, I only discovered it after the week of parade. this year, I did send a few there, and I woke up late, and then couldn't make up my mind. But let me tell you, if it is this good (  see photos in this blog  post ) then is quite something to photograph if not just fun attending.

Coney Island New York

When I made it to Coney Island in April, the beach activities had just began, a few freakshow such as Alive, amusement rides, magic shows, I believe. The evening and sunset was just beautiful. I spent a lot of time exploring the streets, a lot of it actually looking for some vegetarian food. this place in the image below, served an amazing tortilla, there are just little ahead and left of Nathan's when you cross pass the restaurant toward the beach.


There are plenty of seafood options and of course famous Hotdog, I not only heard about but also witnessed the queues at Nathan'. I remember someone mentioning he was in this hour long queue and ultimately just bought fries. well, I bought some coffee and I dint have to stand in the queue, It was late evening and most of the people had already left. lucky me ah.


uh Ah that beer. I am totally gonna try that next time I am there. And Did you notice these are two images? Pretty unique building this, I think I am missing few architectural images here. I'd have loved to talk more about the shows, and activities, but only I haven't had a chance to go there lately and this was just half day visit, mostly strolling around and now its already freezing winter and I have to wait until next summer. so here I hand-picked few images, a glimpse of the place, other than those common such as boardwalk and beach. As I try to clear the story backlog, a thought that I began this short write-up with,  I hope to soon see more of this place, and bring more stories, But you make sure you check out which has all and more info.


Editing Photos : I had the jpeg out of camera uploaded on flickr,  So instead of downloading them and doing some editing on Lr or PS, I decided to try flickr's aviary editor for few of the above pictures. and No I dont like it.its pretty much like any other iphone app editor, but flickr can do much better in my opinion. take for example snapseed. its one of my favorite app for iphone editing, and of course since google owns it now, its available on picasa / google photos, but who uses picasa any more i wonder. to add more, filters are many and all ugly. not using it again. nope.

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