Social Media, Online Life and The Whole Hooblah

1/06/2014 03:34:00 AM

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"Life is a maze. Dont just gaze.
Change your pace, to win the race."
what all races but?

I would want a time machine for many reasons. I would want to go to 1950s for many other reasons too. But I wouldn't go anywhere w/ out my internet connection that I eat, pray, live and breathe in. But when was that I got pinned down by packed online social life and hordes of online accounts, I knew not about, until I started cleaning my mailboxes and going through my browser history. Yes. Today had been that kind of day.

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I was looking at my emails a couple of weeks back. my main mailbox, amongst many abandoned in last decade of this emailing business, I still have 3 apart from work inbox, that I have to check regularly. There were about 14000 unread mails, so I went all the way back to last page to see what all is there that I could delete forever. Nostalgia you would call it, I sat back started reading a few. but the other 75% I couldn't figure who those mails were from. Who were those people, I tried hard to put a face to every name. trying to related an incidence to every email. the result was none.

You should believe me when I say this : If you make it in to someone's year end dedication, one year that is, you can pat yourself for you have truly done a great job in your relationship side of life, business or personal.

Life as one big # hashtag or a million small unknown ones.
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Ever imagined the power of letting go?

Just done deleting loads of registered email accounts, and subscriptions, bookmarks, newsletters, service sites and I don't know how many, specially those Photography and travel interests have brought me over too. ( and I am not listing the drawbacks yet) and I am still not done w/ 10% of 'em in this sunday-is-no-fun day exercise.

Lesson Learnt : Should be a regular exercise this, unsubscribing business. 

Meanwhile I get a glance of the many regular accounts of my own that I manage on my own, and this is when I am not running any marathon, I am no brand cow, and I am not earning my livelihood out of ( social media online part that is) thank god, but,
Lord. I deserve an assistant.

twitter : One of the two accounts, third, I just had to delete.

Smugmug New Gallery that I created last year, for easy printing and sale experience. so much extra work. upload.tag.organize.

I dint know McCurry doesn't process his images. Who would want to do a rigorous photoshop process unless crazy or getting $$4K for that one image.
Well Now I Only do it when I need to meditate or getting at least 1/4 of what I said above .

Blog : Google and Blogger Better last my lifetime, actually next 5 generations. I have invested too much time writing these blogs to not pass on the legacy for less.

Started in feb 2013, This is my third facebook page in last 4 years. I deleted the first two. couldn't keep up w/ the pressure. or I think I just like to break free.

Plus doesnt want to stay behind either. the notifications are right on top of your gmailbox. btw do you guys hang out?
Oh Flickr : is all i can say.- why did you change. you cheat.- I don't know what to do w/ you anymore.

If one blog wasn't enough, I have one more in hindi. Actually I have one Technology blog too that has been ignored for I don't know how long. jack of all trades, or a renaissance's soul in a lazy dilettante's body eh?

Proudly my third instagram account wow. damn it. twice deleted. I don't learn from experiences no.

At least this Pinterest is occasional and yes blogging is meditation, tweeting, pinning and sharing is all meditating is the mantra here too. Looks like I meditate a way too much.

So How much really is too much? and seriously, what about the limited time?

Very early for a year, breaking resolutions, but as it happens, I think I will be giving a good break to social media this year or at least first half of the year starting soon, for the work load I have got already. Not that alone, I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed by all things above, and more by that I haven't listed, or I don't spent time regularly on, and then there are all the other plans that I have sketched for coming months.

Time to let the two world, online and offline intersect a little less. How? I am still thinking. Got any better idea? Do tell, anywhere in tweet / comment / mail / facebook.

Yes. Yes, I am still everywhere. and listening.

PS. Its really cold in New York. I wish I knew The polar vortex along w/ his pals Hercules and Ion was planning a visit to east coast, before I wished I wanted to spend winters in New York City earlier last year :-/ :-<

How's the weather treating you wherever you're are in the world? Have some sun shine.

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