Watch With Me -- #3 : "The Inevitable" (Pariniti 1989)

12/06/2013 05:35:00 PM

After 3 weeks of Hiatus at last I got myself around to pen a little , and as I was busy writing, rather mumbling about where my mind has been to in past few days. about four hundred words already, and All I wrote about how I loathed the word "travel", hated looking at images floating around, and no less abhorred the tag lines and bucket-lists and the other stereotypical stuff we always talk about. perhaps its the excess of it, or I need a break, and come december and fog and the nuisance from the regularity of the year so awfully square, where else I would go but, in to the world of blacks and whites.

Trust me this happens to me every year end. just that, it was little early, perhaps the drastic change of weather this time, brought it so sooner. The days in new york city, are hardly 4 hours long. may be more for others but not for me. Honestly, I kinda like the idea of a whole entire city sleeping peacefully wrapped in fog. but since I haven't seen such weather for quite sometime, I think it has thrown me in to a certain dark space, I haven't visited for a very long time. Well, Not to worry, it isn't that dark sort of dark, but bit philosophical or let say artful. I am letting go of myself trying to see the light in the darkest of the tunnel and perhaps find something new about me and course next.

Before I get distracted from the point, I want to make here, yet again, The idea is just getting out of one's usual cocoon and do and think something new, doesn't matter how drastic it is or it is as simple as watching a few movies and stills, that you have not before and let the fresh ideas fill your mind and let 'em churn the ocean, Let something come out of it, just a little pleasure, if nothing.

I haven't been doing much, but being a little self-indulgent cooking some seasonal stuff that I love and getting lost in time. Now that I come to think of it, its been regular for past few years, ( Oh how i hate the word but true) So this time, Like it always happens, I was wandering in the virtual world and stumbled upon this old flick that I watched when I was little. I never remembered the name, not even the actors or if I did, I could have searched the imdb and found out, I just remembered the story so heart-wrenching that it hit me hard as a kid and stood w/ me through out years. The movie, I embedded here is that one.

( Updated Jan 18, 2014 - The youtube link isn't working. Please search Pariniti, I am sure you'd find another copy of the movie or do order on netflix and simliar channel /service)

I don't want to give away the story and I suggest you don't look in to wiki but just watch it for what it bring to you slowly. I am posting it here, because, though not direct but its relevant in many senses, to the areas that I explore and go about talking most of the times, both in reflective, deep manner as well as technical stuff i.e. framing photography, art, places etc. Movies after all are the work of art.

My flow of emotions however doesn't stop here, the mood did carry me in to different space in time, while I was reminiscing about a world atop ( Ladakh) on twitter during my one week curation I was also time traveling to 40s-60s and admiring the art frame by frame. One seriously needs to appreciate how w/ out much distractions and the technology, the art par excellence can be demonstrated and in simple forms, and so are the human emotions.

I know not, when I took off, but soon I was watching those biographical documentaries of Vintage actresses, from Yvonne de carlo to Rita Hayworth, and likes of Monroe, Taylor and Loren. Oh how it all ended up on one name, that is Brando. funny you would think.

Well, later last december I was busy dramatizing my thoughts, w/ stories from the road, such as In to the wild and the straight story, while admiring the art work of The landscape in the mist and that of Dreams, all this while romanticizing my affair w/ nature in the form of migratory birds. This year however, its the emotion of different kind. What started w/ simply trying to compare how I felt watching the same stills that I watched when i was little, to getting an insight of some life stories, and how tragedy can just be a regular part of life, dealt in the manner one deals w/ a routine life.

Life is how you take it. 

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