The Tahoe - Granite Rocx Backpack and Cooler

12/09/2013 04:53:00 AM

"I wish I'd received this backpack before I went on to my an almost week-long trip to Arizona and Utah, for it must've been perfect for the day outings to land of lakes, rocks and deserts" 

I received "The Tahoe - Granite Rocx Backpack and Cooler" a day after I came back from Phoenix, and because I had no long trip planned for last couple of weeks, I decided to use it as 1 - my day pack and 2 - for a short trek to the Bear Mountain. and here are my observations, with a short introductions to details and what I liked about the backpack system and what I thought could be better.

Tahoe is a outdoor 35L water-resistant backpack that comes with a detachable cooler bag, with many pockets and with multiple attachments possibilities, that too with padding, a nice and soft one at that. all these in one bag, that can also be used as a normal daypack for work without any hassles.

I am an outdoor enthusiast with multiple hobbies and professional photography gears and with an engineering degree, i.e. I rarely leave my 13 inch macbook behind and I am a girl, i.e. I carry un-necessary stuffs  and stress my bag beyond imagination too sometimes.

But first comes my laptop, I generally slide it down anywhere, So not having a specified space for a laptop didn't really hurt me. in fact I liked the fact that I have a sturdy main compartment with no drama, and I could put almost anything inside it. be it my lowepro-clad lenses or other stuff I generally carry, all rolled either in small bags or just simply thrown in.

Give me pockets, I can never get tired of em, and this backpack cooler really has plenty of pockets and in a separate front compartment all together. I have got a lot of small ( not heavy) accessories for my DSLR and other stuff, which once properly placed in my backpack makes it a lot easier for me to find while I am shooting, or planning quick back to back trips, because I tend to forget one thing or two, while making hasty plans. I found Tahoe really useful arranging my things of regular use in these pockets, and best part, I could easily fetch 'em, anytime.There is also side pockets for water bottles which hold pretty good, just incase you're not carrying this next thing I am talking about. A small front pocket for a phone on the shoulder strap, very handy that one.

Next part is the detachable cooler. A Guy's delight am sure. I don't usually have to carry too much for drinking per say, but I like the luxury that I can keep my food in separate section. I can remove it very quickly with squeeze buckles and trust me ,it is of immense help during flying. because as much as I love to keep my hands free, they are never free, here I can quickly dump my stuff in the back and fix it up on front compartment when I need or stuff it inside the main compartment when I don't need it. It also comes with straps and some more pockets so I can also carry it independently if I need to.

Here is my favorite part, What all you can carry? Here is the list of things I get to carry, alone or in combinations.
A tripod,
A sleeping bag,
A Mat,
A tent or a hammock,
Umbrella, and guess what with this backpack, I can carry a Chair too if i want to.
Since tripod is my main necessity, I tried the bottom squeeze buckles straps to carry my manfrotto. It holds pretty fine actually, but I was a bit scared if it will fall off, or the straps might loosen up as they tend to in almost every other backpack, and if the bag can carry that extra 15 pounds, I have used it only twice and so far its okay, but I would love to have a stronger strap down there so that I don't have to carry another bag for tripod.

the front bungee system can hold anything like a thin sleeping bag or an outwear, too. the best however is the unique back compartment which has padding. It can unzip all the way down to not only support any sort of folding chair but can also hold all your extra stuff and you can still walk comfortably. I used a good sized tote and I felt comfortable walking in regards to the posture, and weight balance, except that after walking a little on the slope or after long hours, my shoulders straps needed little readjusting.

So far I found Tahoe has fitted the bill. 35l is quite sizable for a solo weekend outdoor trip, its well featured and extremely convenient, and I find it good at quality too as so far the buckles , zippers and seam look good. I would however like to take it for an overnight trip, and if then I would add my finding here most definitely. I will also add some more images that I shot on the trek soon, I couldn't find time this weekend and they are pending processing.

Here is a video demonstration, you can check out more details on Granite Rocx website and connect w/ them on facebook and their twitter page as well.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received The Tahoe Backpack Cooler for free from Granite Rocx as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication. Opinions expressed here, however are all my own.

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