Letter to Santa - My 2014 Travel Wish List v2.0

12/21/2013 05:51:00 PM

The World is not enough. Can not have enough of travel either, can I ? or can You?

So This is exactly what happened. How? - I don't really know. I had this entire draft, almost ready to be published and suddenly I went in to reading mode, spent about 24hrs away from this whole travel wish-list v1.0 write up and now honestly, I am traveling on a different train of thoughts, going to new station altogether.

In a way I think: - I do not have a travel wish list no-more. - I have reached a certain point, a stage of mind, where It doesn't matter to me where I am going. "The Idea is just to travel", and continue traveling. I never set any limits to myself  - domestic, international, tourist places, wild, mountains or desert. - I was always looking for the unknown thats all.

- Is it that magical and an impossible sort of encounter with Northern lights in Alaska? that has satiated my hunger ? made me wiser? umm.. making me think what I am thinking right now? - or - Is it the greed to see Everything? 

It is true, actually, I do want to see EVERYTHING, and in this one life time only. I have seen a lot. I have lived in a village in UP India, small town, Metro and New York. The Places poles apart. I have experienced life as normal as those of little village girl, a shy small town girl, walking eyes down and that of an uptown Mademoiselle. and I have not only survived it all, I have enjoyed it all. - perhaps flying to Paris for dinner and Argentina  to watch tango-milonga sort of lifestyle & travel is only thing that i have not done so far. - Well, I do not have any priorities set any more. no expectations - as long as its new, unseen and unknown, I'd be happy.

In my v1 of the letter to Santa, I wished for horse riding in monument valley, Sailing or cruising to south Georgia ( Antarctic Convergence) to see 2 millions pairs of King Penguins mate and breed. I felt fascinated by stories about Mongolian warriors and wanted to learn more about the land and also go back see my lovely bactrian camels again. I then wrote about Burma, the ancient temple city of Bagan, that somehow I always confuse with Angkor wat of Cambodia. I wrote about Gulf of Mexico and how I wanted to dive with Sharks and Turtles. This wasn't enough, I also wanted to see the sky rain so hard on Bolivian Salt flats that it turns in the world' biggest, largest mirror and I could see my reflection in it loud and clear and deep.

If you think I ended my 2014 wishlist just there, you'd be surprised. I did not. I was asking for a tardis too. I wanted to go back in time, perhaps witness my mom, dad play in sand, run around fields and getting married. we dont have any picture of their childhood or marriage. in fact we dont have any of my childhood images either. The youngest I have is when I was perhaps 8. But I am not interested in mine only theirs.

All that just in a year? - Looks like I was not in my senses. Clearly - Santa was in Lot of trouble.

While I don't nullify above options and say that I don't want to go to all these places anymore, But as I said, I dont want to put my patron saint on trial. Right now, I feel content and happy and though I dont know what exactly Nirvana is, or what people think it is. I feel I might be youngest around here who thinks - she has already attained it. I mean it is just the state of mind right?

The sunset from my window, gives me the same pleasure what I get when I see it from top of a mountain. I have to prove nothing to no one and I am at peace.

or perhaps I am extremely lazy. Duh.

Which is why I think I need to tell Santa to give me a rather active year next year. perhaps - a job at National Geographic or BBC travel - that can kick me hard in my behind and make me run around the world tirelessly. I need to really stretch my muscles a good bit. because for once, driving at 100miles an hour seemed nothing better or different then a car racing game on my iPad. (happened in alaska) the lines b/w reality and game were really blurred at one point of time and I witnessed it w/ 4 eyes (read spectacles) .

So Loads of physical activity ( I want my bikini bod back, yes please! ) and adventure i.e. outdoor, outdoor and outdoor is all I want to wish for next year in my this open letter to Santa. - Doesn't matter Mount Whitney or Hawaiin Volcanos or diving from Everest or where else, Totally up to Santa and the universe. I am open for everything, and If I haven't mentioned this before I'd like to quote here: I am very grateful to God for What I have experienced this year. I'll write more about those in detail, later in a review post.

Edited Dec 22, 2013 7:54:03AM : There is this one thing about traveling that is worth hating. travelers are drifters. I would have thought a million times I would return to some place I have been to, But I know I would never because I haven't been able to yet in spite of my best efforts. Never returning - restricts a traveler and makes her/him just another observer, who cant bring a change if s/he has to.

I was thinking on these lines. Perhaps one needs an objective, a project, apart from what is mostly self-serving an experience, a memoir or as I said observation, to be shared merely to bring awareness. there could be more than that to add in. I wish I can find something sort of a greater agenda, while I travel, because suddenly as I witnessed morning light peeping through my window, I am missing those people I met on the road, whom I bonded w/, and unknowingly promised of a hundred hopes and Now all I am doing is acting like a selfish tourist on the run for pleasure. bringing awareness only is just not enough? or is it?

Merry X-mas and a very happy new year to you all.  Hope you get what you wish for. Be good and Enjoy your holidays.

- p(∞)nam

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