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12/15/2013 01:06:00 AM

Hope you are having a great holiday season. Before I begin, this isn't a post about your 2014 astrological forecast, A Disclaimer. Just incase. and if you like the calendar above, please feel free to download it.  Rest of the stuff on the blog remains licensed under Creative commons as usual.

Back to blogging and all this social media business now, I should have written my "2013 review" post before this one, you must think. But I thought I'd keep that draft lined up for another 2 weeks, and finish this one first, as review about how I fared in 2013 doesn't really make much impact on what I plan for this blog in year next, for this would be in addition and the resolutions that I made in 2013, I must continue towards achieving not all, but most of them.

Here is what I thought I would be doing in 2013  - http://blog.poonamparihar.com/2012/12/2013-whats-in-store-for-you.html

A local boy in roti wali galli ladakh India, image shot in 2010, processed in nov 2013

So here is how I am planning to begin my 2014. Since I am yet to write about Alaska, and Utah/Arizona experiences in specific stories, the first few articles coming out on the blog are most likely going to be, about Dalton Highway Trucks, Anchorage, and/ or about small towns such as Kanab in Utah or Bettles in Alaska. A Few Articles that I really want to finish are "South India Road Trip", Goa Cycling Expedition, and Roopkund Himalaya Story, Kumbh Trip, Vaishno Devi Journey and Few short treks that I did in California earlier in 2013. That should eat up my first quarter I think, or perhaps first half of the year and I want to travel too.

A New series on National Parks around the world :

A few weeks back I was doing this one exercise, collecting all my thoughts, and concluding 'em in one word. Just like that. The first word that came to my mind was "nature" and I realized, nothing amuses me more than observing nature, the realm of life in tiny things, its purity.

I earlier traveled to National parks in India, many at that, but It was more for recreational purpose, to be close to nature. I never had much idea ,or never was so fascinated about the details, of creating a reserve to protect certain eco-system, and a wonder of a land, conservation of wildlife, or so to say. There are more than 6000 parks all over the world, new are being designated every year, for example the Mesopotamian Marshlands in Iraq that was designated the first national park in Iraq in july this year, Central Marshes of Iraq. I wrote about it in detail in This post.

Coming year, I want to work more towards raising awareness about national parks and natural resource conservation through my project @ImagesToTeach. You'll continue to read about exotic places. While I would continue to support 'em through my write-ups, imagery and Whatever bit I could do to help protect the heritage and nature. Its my dream to visit all the national parks in the world, and I hope I can share this dream w/ many in years to come.

The article series' : 

I started two series in 2013. One about the new places that I found while exploring the images, on google or anywhere, and second, a set of work about anything, but in the form of running visuals, i.e. movie or documentaries. While " I would rather be here" is all about discovery, the impact of just an image, that makes you desire a travel, "Watch with me", on the other hand, is all about introspection. I loved doing both series and I am really looking forward to continue these two, together w/ national parks stories, in 2014.

Maha Kumbh Mela Prayag Jan 14th 2013 5:20 AM. Makar Sankranti First Shahi Snan | Apple iPhone | Camera Plus
A scene at ganges early on the kumbh mela morning, allahabad india Jan 2013

#Travelindia Twitter chat :

#travelindia has been one of my most satisfying social media experience in 2013. I never anticipated the knowledge I would gain in just 1 hour of chatting w/ fellow travelers. In many ways, its more beneficial, and fun than reading through information scattered all over internet, and in other mediums and best way to network w/ genuine travelers across the globe, and I quote, because I am mostly the one who's always shying away from public interactions of such kind because they look so self-serving and something only done w/ purpose of personal or mutual profit.

Well I'll pick up this subject later in details, but for now, and here, What I want to say is, I love twitter chats, and though I can not participate in many, (and there are really so many, that you can catch one at any time of the day/night these days, and on varied topics) and next year is going to be more busier than this, I am hoping I can sketch out entire year's agenda for #travelindia and let it grow on its own, which I am sure it will, Thanks to the support from twitter community, gorgeous people who actually made this possible and continue to contribute to a great discussion every week.

When I do the recaps, I really try to make it more of a complete article about the place, together w/ the tweet set, its only because of time constraint it gets very difficult for me to do that, letsee if there is anyway we can find a better way to do this exercise and also perhaps use the same methodology with another session on #travelusa, because I am sure that would really help me and everyone to understand the country and explore it better.

The logs of all above of course will be up on the blog.

Product Reviews :

Another thing that started only in 2013. I wrote "Whats in my bag" only after I received a couple of mails asking me to write about my opinion on how one goes about photography gears. I am yet to write about my experience w/ Ford Escape. in All, I am looking forward to pen my observations about all sort of gears, equipment, outdoor products and accessories, including tech and services because they indeed are huge part of our overall experience.

Audio | Video log :

This is something I planned to do in 2013, I in fact recorded a few, but again, since this blog is not my full time job, I could never devote myself to get them edited and up on the website. have i mentioned yet that I am not satisfied as an artist, ( how i am feeling right now that is)  I do want to explore other mediums and areas and working in this direction has been on my mind for a year. Another year, another attempt. Let see. fingers crossed.

Coversations | Grove Steet Jersey City #NewJersey #NewYork
A Rainy night in the suburbs of Jersey City, NJ United states Aug-Sep 2013

More photo-books : - A book may be -

Ah. This is my happy moment. Yes I was able to publish one photo book and I am really proud of it. it was my "Kumbh Monographs". a simple journey, a very simple yet different approach to something very epic and monumental. Again, I am not business oriented, I can never be, so forget the part where I go on promoting the book or arranging the exhibitions of images etc, here I am moving on and looking forward to shoot another exotic story or two, and put them in the self-published book because, oh, they are so satisfying. seriously.

Alaska | Aurora | Northern Lights - http://blog.poonamparihar.com/2013/10/my-first-alaskan-adventure-y13octalaska.html
Northern lights near Denali National Park, Alaska, USA Oct 2013

That map at the bottom : 

This one is simple, isn't it? Actually that map is not exactly what I want, but its good add to start w/, The navigation bar that I added on the top is really complex and lots of work, adding the link through the codes and etc, ( Did i add it in 2013? I am wondering) its time I want to pin everything on the world map, Once its done I'll put it on top and keep the top nav very simple. that would be the only change in coming year on this website template.

So there you go, Those all What I have in mind for 2014, of course along w/ previous years' resolutions like posting more, sticking around twitter, some creative photography, few articles from the past stories etc.

What I am not planning to do or can not do as usual, because of hundred of reasons, is taking writing or photography to business level, sending pitches or photos for publishing, running around media and that sort of things. Not my cup of tea, is what I realize again and again. My 2 years old checks are yet be en-cashed. I cant simply handle the whole process, and I certainly can never promote me.  Thats simply not in my genes. So, Whatever artistic thing, I do now and in future, this website, is and will be, my focal point. as I said previously somewhere, I am not feeling very satisfied w/ what I am doing right now, so I will be investing my energy to explore more and find some method to satiate the artist in me.

however I am always open and up for collaborations, and I will always reply. so any interesting project / proposition, where I can provide my honest inputs, Please feel free to get in touch w/ me.
Also, Of course, do keep sending me your mails on if there is anything else you'd want to see on the blog.

Edited Dec 15, 2013 12:58 PM EST

PS. Oh How did I miss my hindi language blog in here, Tapas ( तपस~ कुछ किस्से, कुछ तस्वीरें gets a bit neglected because of my translations issues now, But I definitely want to keep it updated and since my posting structure is always lengthy, hopefully post one article monthly. you can look forward to some good travel stuff in Hindi as well in 2014. 

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  1. How was the South India Road trip like? From where did you start and which all routes did you take?
    I sort of did a South India road trip 2 years back.

  2. @88nv
    Hey it was a good long one.. about 2500km. I never got time to write it except posting few images on flickr but the route in full is here - http://blog.poonamparihar.com/2011/01/south-india-road-trip-10-days-google_03.html


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