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11/06/2013 03:28:00 AM

"I am traveling again, day after, only this time its not North-West, but  Off-roading South-West, and perhaps not so cold and white either"

Call it the aftermath of a super crazy trip which ended with an extra long and crazy recap post, I couldn't put myself together to write a little. Of course Its festival and family time and fortunately I got a chance to indulge in some sibling bonding after a long while. Overall, last two weeks or so have been a roller-coaster ride, and upcoming few weeks are no downer either but Its quiet here on a rather loud 8th floor studio. Talk about whats driving me to write at the moment. I am being sarcastic, sorry for being MIA for 2 weeks.

But here is the good news. I am going to Arizona. might touch down or enter Nevada and Utah as well. You get the hint.  Remember the Grand circle maps that I shared w/ you earlier? And you already knew this was part of my wishlist for 2013. Well. Its time to make that wish come true.

Once again I haven't got much chance to prepared except exploring the area through 'google maps' a few months back, and I am also not going with lot of expectations. Zero, I would say, and Before you question, let me tell you, you'd be questioning someone who saw the worst weather, a mighty mountain lion, holy nordic lights and came back alive from Alaska, in less than 3 days time. Doesnt happen everyday. So Can I really be greedy and ask for more? Nah.

Navajo Tribal National Parks might not have been left untamed much but for me its definitely a first to see red rocks and desert and also very well in contrast from what I saw in my most recent trip i.e. the Narnia land of Alaska. I am looking forward to explore Slot Canyons, The area around lake Powell, Zion, Bryce and Monument valley to list the possibles. I haven't seen Grand Canyon yet, but again i am not sure why I haven't found it inviting yet. I am more interested in hiking Bryce voodoos and cardiac canyon and perhaps see some milky-ways in the nights. Think I'd figure it all out once I land there just like I always do, after getting a little glimpse of the place.

Good points -

I have managed to get few inputs from fellow photographers and travelers about tribal area,
I have google-map in my mind
I can drive and Oh...
I have a direct flight this time. Thank God.

So Fingers crossed and Let see how this weekend and trip goes...
I hope I can shoot more images this time, comparatively I had absolutely no time to shoot in Alaska and was driving non-stop. I hope, I would indulge myself in other adventure activities as well though this route is a 4X4 again and its off-season too. but its certainly not as wild as the last frontier or is it? we shall find out.

You can expect some live updates from me on twitter / Facebook / Instagram and a quick recap post on blog after the trip as well, because next few weeks are again gonna be really crazy. Told you, I am a wild child and I love adventure.

Before I wrap this post up, Heres a glimpse of what kept me busy for last 2-3 weeks in images, except work and family.

1- Uploaded a few images from Alaska. You can find them here -

This one is from Dalton "The Monster" Highway a little before Arctic circle on the way to Coldfoot, those little things in the middle is a big herd of Caribou and perhaps deer and moose as well. I had only 200 zoom and I haven't zoomed in them all in mac to see and recognize each one of em yet.

"Caribou Alaska Herd"  in The  Arctic Landscape as seen from Dalton HIghway Wild Life - Coldfoot - Alaska USA

2 - Went for a few walk around the city w/ my brother and saw some fall colors. this is surely on me, I was  hoping to make a road trip in upstate NY but I can be really lazy when I am in a box. Let see if i can make it after I come back from south-west. fortunately fall foliage is delayed this year and I hope it lasts till Thanksgiving or beyond.

This one is an instagram version of an image shot in Central Park NYC. I'll post a few more on flickr/ smugmug soon.

3- Explored the west half of Brooklyn bridge ( looks like something going on there right now) and attended the village halloween parade, All thanks to my bro, I have been here since March end, and never sat foot in seaport area or BB.

Here is one image of Locks of Love from BB. the concept is from Europe I believe. Quite Amusing the writing on the iron as well.  This compostion took me a while to shoot, and after I came back home, I scrolled through hundreds of BB and BB-LoL (locks of love) images to find if someone else composite it before. sheer curiosity to say the least, and was proud to honestly. But there is no way to copyright the composition or is there?

Brooklyn Bridge & Locks of Love | halloween | Diwali | New York City

And here is one from halloween.
The color version in my main photo gallery here -
The village halloween parade is third I attended this year in US, first being Chinese new year parade and second the Puerto rican National Day. Of course I liked last better even when I dint get in the middle, and shot from footpath only and in very very low light. I shall post more images in future.


4- Got a 15+'' Macbook Pro, Yay!!! and did lots of other gear shopping too. You'd see some of the stuff on blog very soon!

5- And Last but not the least, Last 2 sessions of #travelindia on Indian History and Delhi,  were brilliant. I have storify'd the former already but couldn't post here and second is pending. had to cancel this week's chat on a very interesting topic "Tribal India" due to emergency, bummer. but will continue next week and also get the roundup done, and post it before I fly.

So +1 #travelindia post, and See you on twitter...

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  1. Grand Canyon is just too beautiful. Have fun in Arizona.

    1. Hi Evan, love your name. I had a great trip exploring Arizona and Utah. Of course it can never be done in a trip or two.. hoping to visit soon again perhaps next summer and then visit Grand canyon as well.

  2. I would definitely recommend visiting the Moab area. If I was hard-pressed on time, I would skip Grand Canyon. Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley are all worth visiting in Arizona.

    Keep in mind that the Utah itself has 8 national parks plus multiple state parks, so don't spread yourself too thin.

    1. Hi Prasun, Yes Moab is for the next trip.. will be booking flights to SLC next time and cover that part. skipped Grandcanyon and did the Area around page, It was worth exploring indeed. -


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