The Epic Tale of How I fixed My Deaf-n-Mute Apple Macbook

8/23/2013 02:35:00 AM

Warning : This post is not for the weak-hearted. Treating your beloved Macbook in such manner can be very intimidating and will leave permanent scars. But do it if you have to. uhm.

So What did I do that lead me to this day :

Well, To begin, old is not always gold. It can actually screw your brand or not so new stuff, just imagine what your dirty past can do to your future, Argh! About six months back, I made this mistake of using someone's god knows how old speakers with my macbook, and guess what the connector plug somehow broke and ended up stuck inside that tiny jack.

 You see those tools in the image on the left? Now I am thinking, what If I had this screw-driver then perhaps I could have pulled it out in its entirety? But I dint. and since I couldn't wait, I tried safety-pins and needles and a not-so-good tweezer, with out much success.

Macbook users must know that all these magsafe jacks magnets are very strong, it is not even easy to clean them so easily, grab any foreign material on them or getting the crud out, with out leaving residue. one can try some duct tape etc to clean but it can easily grab the plastic covering if it is wearing kind or the adhesive that you're using is warm from internal heat.

So getting that huge 1/3 a piece of that plug, which unfortunately was even more pressed inside because of the force that i used to pull it out eventually, the metal part came out leaving behind whatever rubber covering middle metal pin. bottom-line, I cant use any headphone or speaker plug, and worst, I realized the speakers were disabled ( see that speaker icon in the screenshot below, it was grey'd out) since whatever brilliant person inside is, thought,  the headphones are already connected.

How I can be most intelligent and a bonehead at the same time -

Seriously I have no shame accepting my brain works in a certain way. now coming to think of it, actually I can still defend myself. let me come to that in a minute.
Alright, Did it comes to anyone's mind by now, why I didn't go to Apple store yet?

Okay, if you were on twitter, you must have heard about my cray-cray. I moved to Jersey Shore, somewhere in Monmouth county, and the nearest store was 6 hours away, ( by public transport i meant) and the ones in NYC could have been bit closer, but I have this unique ability of complaining and being incredibly lazy at the same time. I think it was more, because 2 more laptops around me than me being lazy that I dint care to go to the store plus I had a strong feeling this is not going to get fixed so easily. unfortunately I am right most of the time.

So How did it go till now -

Yup 6 months its been, with out any audio/video on this mac. and it worked out fine with some screen sharing apps on the HP notebook and another Lenovo until 3-4 weeks back when the notebook died, and lenovo was gone. and I was synchronizing iPhone and playing videos on both mac and phone at the same time, and then both the power cable died. 'F' my life. The next weekend I was in the apple store buying new cables and telling my sob stories to The Genius in the Soho Genius Bar. Din't look like he cared much.

And finally the Ultimate Brouhaha -

Thankfully he dint ask me to buy the missing rubber bottom. for the record it warped and was peeled off twice. one replacement was free. i.e. with in six months of buying it. so was the power cable. Now I had to pay 66+19 I think, for both iphone cable and half part of the mac charger.

That and he came back with ultimate denial. the speaker cant be fixed, he said. if I were to send it to repair it would cost me a lot. Not worth. let it be deaf for its lifetime, let it remain a mute. and yes it did hurt coming from someone else's mouth. going by what I did, It seems I took it my heart a little too much.

Alright. So now you can give a close look at the top picture and that big hole. Yes, I have mercilessly disfigured my beloved macbook, with the help of that huge screw driver, that the apartment service - guy forgot at home the other day and that tweezer and nail-cutter and another safety-pin. those and the residue of what I did is what you see in the second picture.

I kept digging and drilling, until I could see that golden pin. I did all this with my macbook powered on. ( take that ) then I opened itunes and did some fondling between my new speakers plug and that little pin. ever time I heard a little melody out of the full blown speakers, I jumped 2 feet up in the air and scratched the hole a little more. finally I could hear it all loud. My macbook could sing again.

The story wasn't over as yet. Could I really hold that plug and make the two cuddle for long. it was impossible, but Goodness gracious god, That lovemaking did enabled my inbuilt speakers. I mean the icon was black again. and I could at least drag the volume bar up and down.

A little or more success does excite you and perhaps charge your brain more. here is when I open the system preferences and take that first screen shot. Headphone and sound output is all I see. and I hit that purple question mark  and read that one sentence and one alone.

"there is only one audio port, that can be used for either sound output or sound input"

Read much? Next I select sound input from the drop down menu. and Bam!! there comes the loud sound from inside of the little white piece of God. and then strikes that thought in the brain,
could this not work with out having mutilate the speaker jack?
( remember the speaker icon was disabled)
and then another thought. Hail Steve Jobs. took me two hours and some plastic that exercise.
and then comes another thought...
Genius bar? Huh. 

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