Watch With Me -- #1 : Himalaya with Michael Palin

8/30/2013 06:39:00 PM

No tweet or FB posts for past two days, and Most of you must be thinking I was already out in the wild, but I ended up spending my birthday, yesterday, away from social media, both retrospecting and introspecting. I was onboard the best private plan ever, thinking, day-dreaming, time-traveling and doing all thing possible for a restless but appreciative mind. When I got back from my trip, I wanted to write about my journey, share my future plans as a blog post , my wish list that I hanged on the wall next to my bed etc, But then I thought, whats the point?

So I kept the wish list aside for indefinitely, and as I started working on publishing the second edition of "I would rather be here series" this time featuring a video as well. the youtube search of original HD video led me to this documentary, and all the thoughts I had when I was reading this one book, surfaced up and next I remember I was sidetracked in to actually watching few minutes of the concluding part of his journey.

My Introduction to Michael Palin and his travelogues is not very old. I was preparing for my MBA entrance 2 years back and wanted to read classic literature as much as I can.  During this time, I also had a strong desire to write about my 1 month long expedition to Ladakh. so apart from reading classics such as "The Great Gatsby", I,  being a typical maths student, and a self-taught at that, who likes to learn everything through top-down experiments and product examples, went looking for pure travelogues. This is when I discovered Himalaya by Palin, and Bill Bryson's A walk in the woods and many more such first person's travel accounts. As I speak, these and many titles by Palin, and other writers and adorning a shelf at my home in India. unfortunately I couldn't  have the pleasure to read them all and in full. But they did their job contributing a great deal in my decision of what I really want to do in my life ahead.

I heard about the documentary too then but then I haven't really gotten time to watch it before. So Now that I accidentally landed on the page,  I thought why not spend the rest of the day in the greatest company of beloved Himalaya and my favorite writer Palin. and why alone, why not watch it with you all? I know This must be the weirdest introduction ever that Michael Palin or BBC or this brilliant series could receive or you can ever read, But then why worry about the introduction for that led us to this piece of voyage de incroyable that needs no introduction?

Here, initiating a brand new series, and presenting you the 2004 BBC documentary series Himalaya with Michael Palin in 6 parts, a journey through countries Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Get a little snack-heavy, and go get a mug full of your favorite drink and come watch with me.

Update  4/19/15 : Looks like BBC blocked the videos those I embedded here. here is the new link  to full playlist..

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