The Polar Route - In Photos

7/19/2013 08:37:00 PM

Greenland - I thought the one of the left was Elephant Glacier, certainly looked like so, Until I saw in Wikimapia that its up-up northeast. not sure where it is exactly. googlemap doesn't help.

Two days earlier when I updated on twitter, about upcoming post on Aerial Photography, this is not what I had in mind. I was picking up few new images to go with the said post, and I ended up opening this folder, one I have not touched for last six months and there is a solid reason why I didn't.

A Boeing 747 has roughly 100 window seats, including all classes, upper deck etc. I wouldn't debate on the luck you need to get the window seat, because you can always book early. But I'am someone, for who thats the only accommodating number, to book that flight. Doesnt matter, how long or short the distance is, or where I am going to, I have to have a window seat and there is no other way round unless its a world crisis or I am emotionally blackmailed. because this is what I can not miss, no matter how dirty the window glass gets.


My Most recent longest flight was from London to San Francisco this January. I have flown multiple times from europe to west coast, but this was my first time from London and also the first after I started dreaming about an Arctic / North Pole Expedition. you bet I was constant looking down to capture the glimpse of the terrain, and cursing the clouds whenever they came my way.

Sadly the flight doesn't go over Iceland hence there is no Iceland's volcanic landscapes on this flight, something I am dying to see and shoot. But on a clear day you can be treated with some breathtaking views of Greenland and of Hudson bay. I was carrying my dslr for the first time, and though the clouds kept playing hide and seek with me, whatever I  could see, left me wanting to do an Aerial Expedition of the entire North Pole and then there was that thought again, why not of the world? :) 
after all, "Think Big" has been my motto.

Somewhere between Greenland & Canada

Presenting here, some of the images that I managed to process today with some facts and info that I can remember. I generally keep an eye on the info screen, just incase if I find something interesting to shoot and I need to know where exactly I am. but perhaps I was distracted this time so couldnt really do it.

5354miles is approximately the crow fly distance for the fight that flies over, Greenland, a little above Nuuk, the capital, a little under Baffin Island/ Bay in North America, over the hudson bay, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan in Canado, and the west coast states of United States.

Canada ? - isn' this gorgeous


Elephant Glacier Greenland
Entering in to the United States - Canada border somewhere

                         United States - I am not sure what these are, If you know, do let me know as well.

 I kept wondering if it was Tahoe, but I have seen the Terrain, and it doesnt look similar. so perhaps it was Pyramid lake in Anaho Island or Honey lake just outside Plumas National Forest.

As mentioned I was planning to blog an aerial photography special with shooting notes, I will reserve the "How" discussion to that post, but here is one view, though spoiled by the direct sun on my window, I could not let go off, I decided to process it a bit dramatically and loved how it turned out.


As we enter California, Here we see one of my favorite peninsula on Point Reyes National Seashore, famous for Gray whales, Tule Eiks and Happy cows too, along with variety of wildlife. The lighthouse is beautiful and a just day visit away from San Fran.


Last but not the least, Before hitting the ground, this is one view you can not see while your on the ground, The Colorful Salt water ponds of Alviso slough. The color is due to varied algal concentration and is absolutely stunning to photograph. You can also see one more shot that I posted earlier on flickr as I got literally excited after finally being able to shoot it after many previous ignorant landings.


And with this I conclude this journey. I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them, The processing honestly was pain, and I'd share that with you in another post, as We talk more about Aerial photography how-tos and best spots.

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San Francisco Incredible Stained Glass Salt Ponds

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