10 things I love about New York City

4/09/2013 08:58:00 PM

:) Now, did you not see it coming? of course you did, but not this sooner right? I am still two visit old, technically three, including the landing part and I am yet to see the night life, yet to spend at least 24 hours straight in here and guess what, I already am in love with NYC and here's why...

2013-03-31 13.44.20 copy

1. Every time I walk out of the Penn Station in 7th ave, I have this huge ear-to-ear smile on my face, and my ears wont stop ringing "New York New York" ( only this time its Ray Quinn and not Sinatra) Well, I never thought a city with Skyscrapers would ever do this to me. Its always been mountains, beaches, forests and rainbows, so how on earth it could be New York? Is it the people power or sheer energy that draws me in? or are these the New Jersey Blues? well I have been here just over 2 weeks so... What do you think?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

2. Its an Advertisement Disneyland - and who doesn't love disney. Its so colorful with all the shining lights, billboards. Well Why wouldn't one love it if its just yesterday one made it up to the most expensive ad-space in the world for more than 40 seconds and labeled #SoRad, with out even waving my hands once. tell you I am awesome. 

3. From Mid town to Central Park, its the longest Ramp to walk on in the whole entire world. hold on I haven't seen Paris yet, but I am sure it wouldn't be 2 miles or I have to be there right now. It amazes me to see how much effort people make to dress up so fashionably and perfectly and just walk on the streets. Alright they might be out for work, partying, just shopping or hangin out, but some of us dont go beyond casuals ever, until or unless we are forced by the circumstances and its the need of the hour. perhaps staying in NYC for a while can fuse some sense in me to try beyond the casual and comfortable. fingers crossed. 

4. Each one of us is an Elite here. No matter which country you are from, what language you speak, you're a top shot businessman or celebrity or just the ordinary-extraordinary the place makes you feel special, honor you welcomes you with a smile. and that exactly why...

5. People are just themselves. Expressing yourself in the way you choose, is the true language of freedom. You can bring out the fashionista in you, or you could be as comfortable an old shoe in your old shoes actually. People wont judge you. or they would but who cares. well mostly no one does and thats the beauty. I walk in a boho maxi with my all-star sneakers and I feel bloody good. 

My dolls day out @ Times Square

6. For a change, pedestrians are the king. need I say more?

and there is another. There are rickshaws. Can you believe it? people from all backgrounds riding pedicabs for their respective reasons be it their contribution to the pollution free environment, money, exercise, or plain fun, well the mere sight of these manhattan rickshaws reminds me of India, and oh hold on... think I forgot to mention khokas for the first time, no not those mafia money bank.. the street side wooden tea and snacks stalls remember? (edited Apr 27th)

7. The history just appears and disappears as you walk. you take a turn and you'd find some historical spot, famous building, right in the corner. One minute you're least intimidated by the tall structures, just other minute, you go oh what is that.

8. With so much going around, you can still find your own quite corner to sit and meditate, or if you are not in to meditation you are free to do your own thing to do, which by the way are many to choose from.

9.I finally feel like I am pretty close to my favorite cartoon character. I can actually imagine him flying around left to right on the Time Square, well guess who. yup Spiderman Spiderman ;) Oh Yes I am singing the song/jingle/whatever. 

10. New York makes me appreciate California even more. No, its actually the entire East Coast that does, and that is, for few very simple reasons. the reasons that I talked about it one of my recent post. Oh dont throw bricks on me yet. I am warming up to jersey shore. but truth is truth, and here comes the shocker!!!  Hey....There is NO FRY'S, can you even believe it? 

Who's the prey? - Human and the Predator

Here comes the second... "The nearest Apple store is 16 miles away, and the public transport takes more than 3 hours to take me there" Okay may be second is bit invalid for NYC but NJ, but 29 bucks for a SD card reader is pretty unbelievable, specially if I am used to of paying 2 dollars for it. Lets just say, I'll quit being careless and probably take care of my electronics more. I'd appreciate and not mock the east coast folks who, whenever, they visit california, subsequently, pay a visit each time, to the nearest fry's store. folks I understand your needs. I seriously do.

I haven't yet set foot in the cool, granite foyer of the Empire State Building. I am yet to see the upper Manhattan, walk on brooklyn bridge, get involved in the art and life. I am yet to see New York, but let me just say once again here, Oh New York, Guess what! you did it. I think I already love you.

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  1. Good article and it is nice to know about NYC. Gt great read.

  2. Earlier when I came here, I could not see all the photos. I guess you've corrected it.

    New York is bubbly and lively. Nobody feels out of place here and it absorbs everybody. :)

  3. Hey Nisha, rightly said. :and yup... a friend informed, that all pics were not visible, there were some issue with flickr embedding now its corrected.

  4. lovely stories Poonam...loved reading them !

  5. Nice blog.. great to see your blog about NY - a city that has so much to photograph. I always carry my camera to work in NY and you never know what you gonna capture :). Great to visit a fellow photoblogger from NY. I envy all your travelling plans - wish I could do the same...:)

  6. Hey Rajesh, Thank You. Hope to see you here more often.

  7. i already miss NYC ... just like you, when i used come outside of grand central and smell the air passing through the high rises ... i knew why it is the best in the world ...

    1. You said it. its been a year, and i am beginning to discover what city has in store for me, and I absolutely love it. i think there is something or the other for everyone here. I hope i stick around more longer. definitely the place i want to stay in united states.


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