2013 First Quarter Roundup

3/30/2013 09:28:00 PM

Before they all get diluted in my mind, here's the quick recap of places I 've been, things I 'd been up to for past 3 months, the individual posts will follow. *hopefully.

Delhi -

The year starts in a record breaking cold delhi, coldest since 1972 and me planning my next destination,   Prayag, Allahabad that is. I have finally convinced my parents to visit Maha Kumbh Mela, but I am still unsure about the travel date. Most of the websites mention January 25/27th as the start date however, traditionally its Makar Sankranti Jan 14th, when the Kumbh must begin. The most auspicious and biggest day i.e. Mauni Amavasya falls on Feb 10th and is totally impossible to make. its better to do it any day rather than not doing it at all so I finally settle down with a 20 hours visit to Maha Kumbh Mela, shortest anyone would have ever done.

Kumbh Mela 2013 -

Maha Kumbh Mela Prayag Jan 14th 2013 5:20 AM. Makar Sankranti First Shahi Snan | Apple iPhone | Camera Plus

The Mahakumbh Mela is long over and posting a few images on flickr, is all I have been able to do. I neither had time nor I was in the right state of mind to write what I really wanted to say about it. the web has been overloaded with articles and images, of almost all kind. the experience is surreal, yet different for everyone, I' too have something unique to write about, and I'd make sure I post it before next kumbh mela. :)

London - and not the one opposite Cleveland ;)

This melancholy London – I sometimes imagine that the souls of the lost are compelled to walk through its streets perpetually. One feels them passing like a whiff of air.

Here comes the next. With all that was going around, I couldn't get time to apply for a UK visa. I had to rework on my plans and that included only a 17 hours halt in london with a leap of faith. I wouldn't call my Heathrow Immigration experience hilarious but it was nothing less. with my bro living there, my first time in London, just got easier. I explored most of the popular areas in London by tube, buses and train with in that night, while it kept snowing in the city. quite an adventure it was.

Elephant Foot Glacier, Greenland -

This is NOT a sight i'd like to forget so easily. what if it was a little hazy from 30 thousand feet above. the glimpse of the greenland was nothing less than breathtaking. Yes I took the DSLR images but only later, i came to know that I have lost my SD card reader somewhere during my travels. So photos hopefully soon.

San Francisco -

Martin Beach | CA1 | Saturday Morning | Fogg | Dreamy | iPhoneography | Camera Plus | PS CS4

I've been here n number of times, but this city always look refreshingly new. This time I went about exploring some lesser known areas and also did some trekking and beach hopping around San Fran and I cant wait to tell you about all those small places.

Chinese New Year Parade -

It was fun but not my favorite of course. the Two hour parade was good fun, Kids were the real savior for the photographer ( You'd understand what I meant by that in my full post). I brought back some images and they are waiting to be downloaded and processed.

Beach Hopping, Trekkingand long driving Pacific Coast -

Should be my favorite this. explored few more places on the CA1 and around. lots of driving and little hiking. weather god has been happy lately. and I had excellent views to soothe both my eyes and soul.

Hunting Live Music -

Swingin' Utters |Santa Cruz | Punk Rock | Street Punk | Folk Punk | iPhoneography
punk rock @ Santa cruz downtown

Hotel Hopping in New Jersey -

Oh Let me see if I still have something (read bad) to say about New Jersey. Its been a week, and lets just say, I am trying to understand the Jersey Way.  The Place is deserted, and exactly a 180 degree turn from what I am used to, and that has be shocked and surprised. Give it to my love for google maps and company of some good people, I havent freaked out yet. for now I am looking forward to a day trip to NYC and see if that makes me feel a little better.

2013-03-25 11.54.36 copy

New York City -

Sea of Light | New York New York | NYC | 1st Glance | Aerial | iPhoneography | iPhone4S | East Coast | USA | Apple | Photography | Blur | Bokeh | #FlickrFriday

And thats tomorrow, the last day of the quarter and of the Long Easter weekend. Letsee whats in store for me. Fingers all crossed.

What I've missed - 

Alaska - Almost, almost made it. found a lovely friend right there in fairbanks to help me out and show me around as well, but I had to come to east coast. I haven't lost hope yet. Summer is not my favorite time to visit Alaska so I hope to visit the place later this year and hope to catch some spectacular northern lights.

Holi - was never part of the plan. but I still wish I could play no matter where I am. and It still a wish.

Chadar Trek - Another one from the wish list, its good to see so many friends have done it this year. and they had great experience. My time next year perhaps. :)

All photographs shot using iPhone4S native and other camera apps. noise reduction using adobe photoshop CS5.

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  1. As a friend of mine say, Aesomeness unmatched! How do you find time & resources for all these trips?

  2. Time and resources hmmm... for time... all the time that I am not on twitter... and resources.. is fruits of sweating in the past...! Plus I am wiser than before. :P

  3. Nice clicks ! I too am fond of traveling and clicking photographs. Recently, came across your blog and hope to see some more fabulous clicks from you in future as well ....keep discovering new places....Happy Traveling !!

  4. Thank you Mahendra. welcome to my blog. and keep commenting.


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