10 things you should know before you hit The Jersey Shore Nightmare

3/30/2013 05:38:00 PM

If you've been following my tweets, past one week, you know its been a hard one on me, ever since I landed in NYC on Sunday night, its been CRAZY. I am a west coast baby and worst thing, I here for work, so you see I am not allowed to use my time freely and make it bit easier on me. anyways, this travel experience is technically the toughest I have ever had, and going by the lessons that I have learned in my first ever one week in the east coast, north new jersey, here are ten things that I'd like you to know before you even think of visiting this place. 

  1. Taxi is a bit*** - yes you read it right. If you are relying on taking taxis for you daily commute. you are screwed. No Meters. No Bills. No commitment you'd wait forever for the taxi to arrive. and it WONT. 
  2. Rudeness Personified - as a traveler, the people you interact with are the ones, who define the place for you. and I am NOT calling everyone rude here. but its the majority of people in the hospitality industry. from Hotel staff to Taxi cab, absolutely unhelpful.
  3. If its business, you're in for a toss up. - a local with no business with you whatsoever, is the only people you can rely on. 
  4. Its Indian, Pakistantis, Middle Easterns, and AfroAmericans, who' are putting New Jersey to shame. and I am not sorry to put anyone' up here in the list including indians. they are absolutely horrible to deal with and all thy care about is how much money they can mint from you. they'd spit right on your face and wont be sorry for doing so. 
  5. Transportation - Amtrak, North Jersey Coast Line, Northeast Corridor and Many more transit services to name, and you might think the commuting in public transport is so easy? It NOT. all they are worried about is how to reach New York. there is very poor to no interconnection between train stations of different transit lines and services. You'd hardly see buses on the roads. if it wasn't transportation and accessibility, Frequency sucks, even on the weekdays. dont expect anything like a VTA light rail in silicon valley and London Tube. oh you're wise you weren't comparing. 
  6. Hotels- wouldnt I come to it or you thought so. Better not read the reviews or you'd faint immediately. there are absolutely no budget hotel for less than $100 with a good review written about it, on any booking site be it expedia or trip-advisor or booking.com. and most of the reviews are unfortunately true.
  7. Food - Even the holiday Inn can provide you boiled macaroni topped with raw spinach in the name of pasta. so you know you cant rely on hotels to get you good food. the place in all, doesnt have plenty of food options specially in monmouth county. 
  8. Very few apartments in case you're looking for a long/short stay here. most of the people buy houses, rent individual rooms including basements to different groups/family/singles and get the mortgage out of the rent. 
  9. Car Rental is the only way to go. that is if you can drive here. the place is accident prone. no signals at busy places. anybody turns anywhere, with people walking in the middle. Never seen the highway exits like here anywhere before and with GPS fooling you around, all the best to the driver you.
  10. The Place is a Jungle. there I said it. and oh Not the kind of Jungles that I'd Love to explore, not even in the day, forget the evening/night time.
One week, I can go on and on...and yes I dont have anything good to say about this place yet. If I change my mind, I will let you know. wish me luck. 

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