Rants & Reviews -- An Ode to the old world, that I once lived in... (Why the World should've had ended today / on December 21st, 2012)

12/21/2012 03:03:00 AM

Its 12:12 on Dec 21, 2012 and  here I am trying to quickly jot down my parting thoughts, ( you or i, cant help it, I am a writer, cant go with out leaving a note right? )

I have heard this somewhere, when a person is about to die, his/her whole life plays in front of his eyes in motion pictures, yes! ... good or bad, his karmas wrap him up and he for once, if not before, becomes one with himself, accepting it all, happiness and sorrows, lovers and haters, life and death. he becomes one with, who he had been, and who he is now.

Well, I might have been more true to my words at about 12 hours before, (I am in IST zone right now, GMT+5:30 so) but such a let down this. seriously..., I was least bothered about the Y2K, did not even remember it well, until, i saw it mentioned in one of the tweets, ( so grateful for the knowledge this small twitter window spreads) what more can you expect from a kid? oh wait a minute the same window tells me this is 7th in a row, that universe has failed to impress me. huh.

Now that the CST clock too has ticked past 1, I think we all have to get over our sorrow and go back to our mundane life of "eat, pray, love" added with travel and photographs. monday is gonna come, you all have to go to work, pay your credit card bills, plan for new year's parties, treat your husband/wife/GF/BF, buy gifts for them, and live your own miserable life too in between. but thank god its weekend, so you  all have time to relax. and perhaps think of something new to do, resolutions to make, dreams to follow and get rid of few things from the past!

The other day as part of introspection ( yes its been going on for a while) I found my own answer to a question i think everyone in this world has struggled at least once in his/her life. the reason to live, why are we here, what we are suppose to do in life, whats our purpose and so on. it becomes more evident, this inner struggle, with the negativity we have snuggled up, that we choose to ignore most of the times, and which just suddenly just pops out and makes us somehow question,  is the world really bad, why doesn't it just end damn it.

I'd like to think the world really ends when you want it to end. just imagine yourself in the centre of a venn diagram, hundreds and thousands of circles your nested in, that is your world.up to you how big or small that is, and how much you can take inside it. You can live in your nest and act like nothing else ever existed or you can just create another circle and invite more in. your choice.

perhaps it makes sense to feel, to want the ownership, to rule your world, to control it ( for good, I presume), to keep it safe, to keep it happy and let it flourish. I like the idea of pressing the button to save the world. ( refer ABC TV Series LOST) anyone could do it, no special skills required, still it makes you feel responsible, special, unique with every button pressed, you did actually, really saved the world and fulfilled your responsibility, used your existence for good, found your purpose in life, did good.

There is a saying in hindi. "paap ka ghadaa jab bharta hai, to foot-ta jaroor hai." treat this world like a pitcher in which every good or bad deed goes in, and put a simple algorithm to it. for if the pitcher has one good deed in it, the pitcher would not break. as simple as that. doesn't matter who's dropping in that good deed, all what matters is one good deed no matter big or small, inside the pitcher to really save it. its a continuous process. just like Desmond pressing a button. It might not convince everyone, but thats logic for you.

For me to find a purpose in life, and feel special, I dont really have to cross seven seas and climb mountains. I can do anything good that i am capable of at that certain time. and I can proudly say that oh yes I am Neo and I saved the world. who cares I was God or certain incarnation of it? do they?

Well, all this fiasco about mayan's calendar and end of the world. I'd like to think there is surely someone who's prank it is, and he' sitting there, perhaps collecting all these stats right now, from twitter,  FB, internet in all, newspapers or wherever. and willingly or not, we just contributed to his silly experiments. I did too.. and entire post. huh!

Now that I am in my new world, which I have to live, I'll go ahead and write my resolutions, things i want to do, ( of course apart from that travel wish list), I think I am doing a few already.
Let me tell you that in the next post. till then Welcome to the New World. ;)

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  1. Perhaps. I also believe Mayans just trolled the world or they must have ran out of space on the piece of rock. Well, whatever maybe the reason, world will continue and so shall our daily lives.

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

    Being Traveler

  2. true that...!!
    thank you for visiting..!! have a great new year!


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