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12/12/2012 03:01:00 PM

So its 12.12.12 yes, the final one of its kind, and I cant honestly recall if I even remember the dates from 01.01.01 through 10.10.10, though after seeing some 11.11.11 updates on flickr last year, I pledged to do something special this year, but I really couldn't find anything exceptional to do to celebrate it. Think I am not very creative when it comes to digits. So finally I thought why not blog another post on this date, and what better to blog in December than relishing the year saying goodbye, in photos.

Well, to accept it the n'th time, I haven't been much or at all active in photography, travel or blogging for past 2 years. 2011 went on studying and 12 I had other plans. what did happen this year, was, I picked up an iPhone4S and began clicking everything around me.

I think that quick accessibility of a camera phone kinda does this to you. But anyways, why I bought it was that I wanted to create some iPhone Art, and get experimental with the infinite number of apps available on it. though not one hundred percent, but I did explore the iPhoneography world about 2% ;)

Santa Cruz California

One of the first weekend I bought the iPhone, we day drived to Santa cruz beach flats. the above image is from Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the amusement park on the beack. Took this shot upside down, and instantly loved it. there were few details i the bottom I gently pushed away when converting it to black and white. I believe I processed it in Camera+.

Be the lighthouse!

The Second favorite of mine is also from Santa Cruz, but little close to the shore. the lighthouse against the sun, curvaceous railing and its shadow in parallel lines reaching up to the light house, I feel its one of the best composition I made this year.

Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India

Landscapes in the MistMy third favorite shot, is from Jammu and Kashmir India, I shot in July this year. This is on the way to a famous hindu pilgrimage to "Vaishno Devi", arguably the  second most visited in India. It rained a bit, and got pretty misty, when we descended. a boy looking down to the valley, on this empty route, gave my iphone native camera a perfect setting for a dreamy black and white frame.

 All things are one. ~ Paulo Coelho The Alchemist.

As I mentioned above, Vaishno devi is most visited pilgrimage in India, second only to Tirupati in Andhra pradesh. every day thousands of pilgrim climb 14 kms to reach the temple of the goddess situated on a mountain named trikuta, using the same route, as mules and palkis ( 4 men carrying a iron chair ). this here in above photo is the entrance, the starting point of yatra. It was raining heavily that day, ( I heard its sort of usual) and these white raincoats made of very thin, poor quality plastic were the only saviors. well, saved or not, the scene left a calming effect on me.

2012-07-09 20.32.57

This is a frame from the train ( the ever famous indian railways) I find very engaging. so many things happening, yet simple, and self explanatory. I think I have used classic toy app for iPhone to shoot this photograph.

2012-07-10 07.02.25 I absolutely adore how brilliantly this image captures the mood of the time. the pilgrimage can be tough on you sometimes, but think my parents are enjoy the strenuous walk up hill, with short breaks every other mile. the juice corner /shop behind, and bottles all identical and racked up make for a very interesting background.

Nantucket Island Atlantic

Nantucket Island, New England At a Glance

Nantucket island, a surprise find on a Lufthansa flight from Washington DC to Frankfurt, looks so much like a little boat. with golden sunlight falling right on the island, and blue green sky and ocean, I do like the color version more, putting up a monochrome here just to keep the flow going.

Delhi India

Every year, this part of the indian capital Delhi, called Tatarpur, gets busy making Ravana's effigies much before the festival Dussehra on which day, they are burned down marking the victory of good over evil. these kids, I believe, are well used to of photographing since many photographer visit this area, to shoot artists making effigies, still wanted to play around with camera or strange camera woman, got all set with posing around the finished effigies lined up on the road. I just obliged.

Haryana, India

Ruins of Sheesh Mahal, Farrukhnagar Gurgaon Haryana India

earlier this November I read about this village town near Delhi, with turbulent history and age old ruins of once a centre of salt trade, in north india and capital of Mughal ruler Farrukh Siyer.

The shot is from Sheesh Mahal belonged to his queen once, now left with nothing but ruins, and under the care of state govt. i though shot, many images here, this one shot by iPhone and processed in Pin-hole style is my favorite most.

Local girls from a historical village town farrukhnagar gurgaon delhi india, hurriedly walking on the busy streets on a late saturday morning,

One more from Farrukh nagar, perhaps gives a better glimpse of the town, and how does it look like now. who do you think define a place better the history, or the people living now?

Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dancing in the rain!

An extremely congested and dark image, and if you dint get it, I will understand, after hours of rains, and no power, when it stopped by 4PM, it got extremely dark in this village of western Uttar Pradesh India. the fields were are overflown with rain water, with absolutely no path visible to walk on. I was enjoying this view from my terrace when this little girl came on the roof and started dancing. it was still drizzling but she dint care. I think I had better time watching her dance then trying to get a decent photo  out of iPhone in this low light condition.  this is all what I managed and I loved it to the core.

Kerala, India

and here comes the final one. the 12th of the series. since I dont want to break the continuity I converted this image from kerala,  in monochrome. these are pullikali dancers, in first day parade of Onam festival, their bodies painted and faces of tigers, leopards and lions in all colors. tell you its a crime to show Kerala in black and white and I am guilty, I processed and uploaded a few photos from Athachamayam on flickr here for you to see, why I have chose this one as one of my favorite pic is because, pullikali dancers were not the ones I was expecting to see here in this parade. and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw more than one group. colorful and enchanting, the parade was my most memorable shoot from the year 2012

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  1. beautiful! Black & Whites always have a mysterious way of flooding you with memories...but i am angry at you for painting my tattoo man in black & white. He was well off with all those colors on his pot belly ;D

  2. :)) Thank you.... Tattoo man is one of my favorite from this years, couldnt leave him behind just because he was wrapped in bright colors.., I'll put up another post to cover more tattoo mans if that pleases you ? ;)
    you can also see him in Ernakulam post in colors btw.


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