Roopkund Revisited : my 10 favorite images from the trek

9/12/2012 07:13:00 PM

Few Minutes back I was looking at an image of Swiss Alps with a sunstar, someone had tweeted, and those sparkling snow-capped swiss mountains immediately transported me to that region of himalayas where stands the mighty Trishul, to bugyals and the views of gangotri peaks. I immediately opened my flickr set and looked for that sunstar i shot at kaluvinayak. I found this one but I am still wondering if this is the one I was thinking about.

Technically Roopkund was my first hike to snow-peaks  back on Oct 3, 2009. I did little climbing and skiing in lake tahoe in Dec 2007 but that was no way a trek. perhaps thats why it'll always remain special. plus this trip also comes under my "first 6 months with a DSLR or my first six months of photography" i would say. and yes exactly "what crap i had produced and posted" is what I just thought when going through the album again... well i was still learning the ABCs and oho they aint all that bad, in my rescue but seriously what I need to do is to work on the album again and do some re-processing.. ( I am guessing most of them are either direct out of camera jpeg files or operated in picasa ) btw if you are or a wanna be photog, you must know this is a life time exercise to go back to your previous work and see how you have evolved through time and experience. you just cant grow with out doing that...

Talking about revisiting, I remember I have some pending roopkund blogs as well, I think i was writing about Bhaguvasa night, one day before climbing roopkund, when suddenly "something weird" happend to my laptop and everything just vanished. I was so disappointed that I havent got the mood to get back to the finish that or story about next 2-3 days ever since. such is my mood, anyways, coming back to photos, as I said, I still see some missing photos in the flickr set, which I would want to upload once I get time and I am in the right mood, but looking in to the set, I must say, I have no complains on my compositions... and thats why i think its a good idea, I should pick a few shots from the album which are no matter what, still my favorites and pretty much the foundation of my photography.

Day 5: Good Morning Himalaya

I am starting with this shot, the one I am talking about above, and that I am not sure if this is the only sunstar I captured there, I believe there is one on the other side of this mountain that I had shot and I would want to post in future.

this is shot on the way to kaluvinayak I think, i little below the peak and the sun is at the cusp of Kalidak and a series of other mountains of Kumaon himalaya. I was big on sunstar then. and thats was one of the first thing I wanted to shoot, and my Beloved lens Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 helped me exactly do that. Oh! whom not I have sold that lens to. Tokina owes me big time for their sales in bangalore and delhi specially and the places I do not know about. I hope i am not getting pompus. but the lens was my favorite, is and will remain my favorite. and if you are in to landscapes.. you gotta get this baby, and you dont have to pay me for this. seriously!

Day 1 : Just a pure thought and a faithful dip

My second favorite from the trip ( in no order), things that I unknowingly do when shooting landscapes or anything for that matter, I am naturally inclined to portrait orientation, so even when I am shooting landscape my hands just turn 90 and take portraits. secondly I like my eyes to walk from the bottom of the image to the top, from the foreground to the background, exploring every possible details in it. if you visit my stream i think you'll see many images shot this way. this one is Kosi river, close to almora. a little waves in the foreground on a big rock shining in the sun and beautiful reflection in the water make it a perfect memorable image.

Day 3: And if You could spot the rainbow, my job is done.

No point guessing this is one of my favorite or perhaps the most favorite from the trip.  Unfortunately mount trishul is hidden due to clouds but thankfully clouds gave way to Kalidak mountain to fall in to bedni kund and that rainbow, what more one could ask for. it was a beautiful serene evening after long hours of rain.

Day 3 : and here comes a close-up shot of Nanda ghunti or Nanda Bell.

This is Nanda Ghunti or Nanda Bell. I dont want to say anything, i just loooooove the blue.

Day 3:   streams/craters/falls? Another look at bedni!

I absolutely adore this photo, the clouds were breathtaking this early morning at bedni bugyal, and I actually took another shot to cover all the caps and clouds etceteras in one of the shots, but this composition is what I like. the way it brings out the essence of the place, the highs and lows of the ground, and how those clouds are emerging out of the mountain and slowly taking over the sky, its just other worldly. talk about what simple images do to you.

Day 5: Well, Start late! only if you dont mind missing something like this.

My next favorite, this image is again a very simple image, not a pano but I have chopped the bottom half of this Ultra wide angle shot. two lucky ones from the group saw this magical view that morning. all the peaks in that direction from Kedarnath to gangotri range, so clear, so close and not a piece of cloud in between as an obstacle. One got to be really lucky or one need to sacrifice a bit something. i did both.

Going to the mountains is like, going home.

I think I can be proud of showing this curvaceous and rocky path and how it leads to roopkund. I was able to capture the crater inside which the lake is, along with Kalidak and Trishul. You can imagine how much I took to find the perfect spot and angle. Oh Yes I am really proud. but I want to process this image again and may be bring the roopkund out a bit more. ( future work)

On this proud and beautiful mountain we have lived hours of fraternal, warm and exalting nobility. Here for a few days we have ceased to be slaves and have really been men. It is hard to return to servitude."

I need to find one image shot on top of Junargali ridge to be included in this 10 shots photo essay, its missing from the album, until then, here is the next one. the alpenglow. need I say a thing? ( may be just one, I want to process you again! yeah!)

"We never grow tired of each other, the mountain and I."

I have space for only two photographs now, and This has to be one, and if you have seen my mulliyangiri trek images you'll know why, I love the ocean of clouds evolving and if himalayan peaks fills up the background, how could it not be my favorite. and I repeat, I would process it again. yes.

Day 2: The Neelganga river bridge in didna/loharjung valley.

and last but not the least, there are no clouds here, no gorgeous golden peaks and no grasslands, I just want to pick this image for perspective, the way I see see this old rusted iron bridge, I feel like I am walking right on it right now. in a minute i'll cross over and reach didna then bedni and then roopkund again. for how this has been a memorable one in the path to roopkund.

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