Jewels of The Silk Route : The Book

12/05/2011 02:19:00 AM

"Travel brings awareness, it brings experiences, knowledge and it also helps you connect better. It makes you more human."

Jewels of The Silk Route | The Book India is lucky, we have tigers, cobra and elephants and what not. but we are ignorant people, we dont preserve what we got or do we? 

Bactrian Camels also known Double-Humped Camels of Cold Desert, are found in Central Asia, mainly in Gobi Desert, Parts of China, Mongolia, Afganistan and India. Used as the Divine Vehicle by the Traders of famous Ancient Silk Route, the Bactrian Camels are now on the verge of extinction, and are declared EDGE species i.e. one of the critically endangered species. There are only 500 Bactrian camels left in the world and in India they are only found in Nubra Valley where the number is just 25 as on June 2010, 20 less than the number in 1984, Not sure or may be less in Dec 2011 unfortunately

Bactrian camels not only in india but world wide, are another  endangered species along with snow leopard, donkey, tigers and many more.  Most of the one left here in Nubra valley are baby camels, that are victims of wild boars and wolfs who take them. In here these camels are domesticated,  and are used for Camel Safari in the summer, the peak months of tourist activities. With the growth in tourism in Nubra Valley, this seems to be the only way for survival for these animals as owners are now seeing them as new source of income. These Animals, like all other species need to be preserved and to be taken care of. The world need to be aware of their situation which unfortunately is not so great in China or anywhere else they have a certain home. they have become the victims of hunting as well.

Isn't it out responsibility to save them? or are they just good for a joy ride?  Well, one taking a joy ride now, needs to remember that their grandkids might not be lucky enough to have that joyride even.

This photo book shot in my month long solo expedition to ladakh in summer of 2010,  is a little effort from my side to help create awareness about these beautiful creatures, in need of our help,  Please spread the word anyway you can. here is a little preview of the book from blurb.

Though nothing does justice to photography but print. the book is also made available in ebook format for an easy download and share.Thanks! xo.

and about Photography - This is my very first book publishing experience, I would love to have feedback, criticism from you all, which can help me improve. thank you.

There are few UNSEEN pictures from the book on Behance photo project as well. Please have a look.

Bactrian Camels, Hundar Valley, Ladakh

Thank to you all, for your time and dedication. I would cover the part of my being on hiatus in another post. Thank you thank you... much love.

P.S. Also if you are an NGO or In case you come across any NGO working for animal welfare, Please ask them to get in touch with me, I'd be happy to give them the rights to sell the book or individual photographs if that can get some funds to help these creatures.

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  1. very valuable project indeed. I will do my bit in spreading the word. 

  2. Thank you so much Mayank. appreciated. 


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