The Year gone by

1/07/2011 03:35:00 AM

I was writing this loooong post about the year gone by and what all I did, where all I traveled and how it had been in terms of photography and etc, and I came to realize, There is something else that I need to put forward, express how I feel about not just these few hundred days of being lost in big destinations names and colorful landscapes and people. Well, so here is a short note dedicated to the personal side of travel adventure and photography.

close to 2 months or more of traveling i.e. 60+days out, and i still cant get enough of it.. yes its an addiction. half the time I was traveling alone mostly, but then ya, we had a few but very good trips of trekmaniax, though i would have added a few more treks to the calendar if i could.  discovering Gandikota was awesome and some of the unknown roads and places were awesome. but i think the highlight of the year ofcouse was a 32days long stay at ladakh. when i look back I feel amazed how i managed to stay alone for that long.. it surely wasn't easy.. but well.. good thing was I made it.. so happy..!!! and well ladakh was the set in my flickr album which brought some added glory to me, :P but I still feel I could do better. the number of shots i clicked there went really huge.. and at times I was clicking in my sleeps too.. but this is my usual problem as I remember I used to solve maths problems in my dreams before the next day's exam.. anyways, when on 32nd day I came back home, It felt great cuz I felt I would like to do second round when my mind is empty and not filled with images as it was at the end of the month. 

Being there and shooting in ladakh can also leave a negative impact on you, I realised I dont like any of my previous images, I was seeing some or the other fault everywhere. I dint like normal landscapes much, and most of the photos looked ordinary to me. as a resultant, I stopped shooting. while everyone was asking me to shoot, I was busy thinking.. ah this is not gonna look extraordinary.. it should have something exquisite for me to post on my walls....I became choosy.

A mighty transformation in the POV or perspective, while was on my mind, I managed to make a quick trip to bandipur to spot some wild life for the first time in my life. how lucky of me, I spotted a tiger and that too shot it well with my 18-200 the longest lens I had :P but the urge came in .. to have better lenses..and better camera too.. and I am still arranging for my new equipments. 

Lots of plans, of kerala onam gone in vain, no shooting local or treks and finally i did manage a 10 days trip to tamilnadu and kerala and shot some pictures, this time 10% of what i shot in ladakh. I dont know it was a deliberate effort. but it just happened that way. 

Now on Jan 7th of 2011, I am sitting here and wondering, what is that I loved clicking, where should i go from here, do i like wild life, do i like landscapes, or people, or event? in the name of the event, I realized, I took a participation in TFN2010 too, but dint submit my photos for the final round. a lot of people were disappointed in me for doing so... but I guess it happened for good as I could do more of my kind of travel and that was this south india road trip where not only I drove across many cities and villages but also touched upon different cultures and saw it from the close. 

So overall, though there were lot of hits and misses and plans going in vain, lots of rest and contemplating life, I feel its been a great year! I left the stupid job which gave me headache everyday, I went nomad in the streets of ladakh, I drove like crazy in southern beaches and country roads and I came back refreshed and knowing better what i really like and what I really want to do...!! 

how was your 2010?

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  1. Nice to are following your passion...istead of struggling with four walled office work

  2. good luck.. with 2011.

  3. good luck for 2011..

  4. Yup, travel and photography are both addictions ;) .. but you had an awesome year.. a good start to many better things to come in future..
    Im inspried by you.. hoping to travel more & better..

    Have a great year 2011!

  5. ya i kinda keep switching back n forth.. a few months' break can bring me bck to the walls happy for few months..

  6. Thanks Mayank.. and wish you the same..!!

  7. Thanks Ashwin. yes me hope the same too. thanks.. and wish you more n more travel too. have fun.


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