2010 Year in Review

10/31/2011 01:24:00 PM

So this is how 2010 was supposed to start. Me, Pavan, Dinesh, and Shilpa, sitting in Captain's Shack at Baga Beach, Goa, having limited food, and unlimited fun. It just happened as we walked from Calangute to Baga, after much shopping and eating appams, everyone ran out of money. and there were no ATMs in Baga, and fortunately, I found 1000 bucks hidden somewhere in my Bag with few hundreds in my purse. We decided not to go back to calangute, and manage with just a check of a thousand. :P LOL 

But yes, we enjoyed that limited food and drinks with the glittered sky, awesome music, crazy waves and the lunar eclipse ofcourse, along with the an unforgettable scene right from the movie "Troy" where 100s of people were lying on the beach almost dead, as if the day war was ended, and I was hell scared to walk from Baga to Calangute at 2AM  almost hitting the unconscious and dead-alike people who were drank and had no idea where the hell they were on that beach and that time of the night. Well, This is what is called GOA.

That was the closure to the 10-11 days Goa Biking (read Bicycling) Expedition with YHAI,  from which we took a little time off to visit rest of the places. as the expedition was over on 30th of December.

Tonnurkere was our next trip in Jan 2010. A long drive to a 200acres spread gorgeous blue lake in Pandavpura Near Mandya, Bangalore. We (Trekmaniax) decided to drive two cars to the lake on a republic day evening, night camp by the lake side, some kayaking or boating and of course swimming in the lake. guess what, the boat we took did not inflate for whatever reason, but we swam with our life jackets on, to the middle of the lake and back, a KM that must be, played in water, climbed the rocks.. and had awesome fun. there couldn't have been a better start of the trips in 2010, loved every moment of the trip, this much as I would hope to start this year also with tonnurkere ( what say maniax? shall we? )

Sunset at Shringeri

So agumbe, was what we had started the trekmaniax google group with. agumbe i.e. the Narsimha Parvata trek, which is famous for Naxalites activities and king cobras. too much rain or was it then Andhra CM YSR reddy's accident, somehow it dint work
out and we did it in feb end of 2010. the sunrise from the peak was something to die for and we had fun at sirimane falls and at the pilgrimage sringeri. only regret, it was a bit dry and sorry..no king kobra :-/ couple of folks went recently, and they did spot baby king cobra and few other snakes. sob sob :((

Incredible India - | Gandikota |

gandikota-belam caves should be trekmaniax 2010 biggest find, in terms of how many people we sent to this place after our visit. Pavan first found Niranjan's stream on flickr and the plan was immediately ON. 6 of us made it in a cab to Belam Caves and the Gandikota ( which if we call the Grand Canyon of India, would be nothing wrong ) in march 2010. i still take pride in finding the canyons around the fort first, LOL and I remember jumping with joy and shouting out maniax's names, its here its here. come fast. :P
this also marked our very first trip to Andhra Pradesh. Since march I have got several request to plan for  another trip and I am still working on it.. :( lazy me.. :-/

"Love Birds" | The Rosary church, ShettiHalli |

So Niranjan when saw my gandikota photographs suggested me to make a visit to Shettihalli, I was already impressed by the details floating around on net, and when Niranjan suggested it, I was sure its got something interesting for me, and I sure was not disappointed. 4 of us made a day trip to shettihalli, hassan, in Sudhakar's car, reached there around 4 PM and stayed till sunset. it was on peaceful, green space, one could just go an relax. and the honey colored church ruins for exotic enough to shoot. I am still planning another shoot here.. this time a bit different ( but more emphasis .."still planning " :-/ thats me for you )

So My Gurudev aka Anoop Negi arrives in bangalore and three of us, head out to mysore road in Pooja's car. I had been to ramanagaram, and climbed the hill before, but none of Pooja and Gurudev had been there before, so though we had decided to go shoot Janapadaloka, we take a right towards the temple and ramanagaram hill. upon reaching the temple stairs, we found these kids who were dancing, posing and doing what not that we couldn't help but shoot.. it was so much fun to be in their company that we chucked the rest of the plan spent a good enough time at the temple with the kids, had our late lunch at kamath (i hated it)  and came back to bangalore.. now striked the tragedy.. once in my lifetime, I pressed format button wrongly. and then I waited till now almost to get those photos retrieved but I couldnt'. sadly while on my south india road trip, I used that 16GB card to the full. so the photos are gone. but I am hoping, gurudev is keeping his shots safe. so you'll see those kids from his eyes sometime in future. sigh!!!

I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. ~ Chuang Tzu

Hmm.. did I say that I left my job around this time. I was tired. coming back from office everyday with a headache. every third day I had fever and I never wanted to see my office building. so when my manager refused sabbaticals I ditched the job. and now I had lot of free time, except relaxing and improving my health. I decided to take a few rounds around bangalore and do some shoots. Me and Sandesh went to pottery town, Sultanpet, butterfly park, bangalore fort, and summer palace etc to do some shooting. we even woke up early one fine day and went to city market with Bangalore weekend shoots members. ( waking up early...very rare of me)

Paint me Red - | Kumar Parvata |

Oh BTW did I miss Kumar Parvata somewhere? ok that was exactly the on the last day of my JOB. the very hot Kumar Parvata in April was not at its best behavior and we got sunburns like anything, but it still was gorgeous, specially the shesh parvata. loved that place..and ofcourse it was a beautiful sunset there, one to remember.

Getting back to the future aka that time's future Chris Pfeiffer arrived in Bangalore for the red bull event, and I couldnt stop myself for going there. I remember I was planning to take some purple lotus shots sometime then so I went to lalbagh and went to kanteerava stadium from there. It was a great event, and specially that I got the standing space right on the media dice, it turned out fun shooting, and rooting for chris. incase you wondering what was the event.. well it was about bike stunts.. and Chris was on his India tour (first one ..umm I guess so) 

Now well, I am a bit lost here, did I go to Delhi twice in April-May time, I dont remember, I go to Delhi, and I meet these Delhi Photography groups, Photosplendours, and Dpeg and i go for two photo walks. One was Mehrauli Archeological park and another was the Old fort of Tuglaq. Delhi is where I was born, though after shifting to ghaziabad, that much is the only Delhite I am, i.e. to be born there, and since I have just started photography in April 2009 or so, I had not shot Delhi at all but more than that or anything else I remember cribbing about Delhi Sky then, as It was so hazy that my plans to shoot Delhi monuments or letsay anything was completely gone for a toss. next time, I said.. and thats how it is till now ..next time.

Well June-JUly 2010 would be remembered for years to come, as I went for my first solo one month long trip to a place, I only heard about and not even dreamt to be. yea, you here it right, Khardungla a name I heard in Nov 2009 when I accidentally ended up watching a national geographic documentary about Altitude sickness (AMS) at khardungla. when the whole thing started, there were 7 of us interested in doing Ladakh. but when I got on the plane it was just me and thankfully my phone which I used for regular sms, and updating twitter/facebook heavily. ( ok so now its a trend :P guess people liked the updates and followed too, well m glad as there were lot of times I felt lonely and needed some company)

So More of Ladakh to come still, but one thing I really wonder still, I am not sure how I did it. I still feel I dont have that much strength to just wander around alone in some strange places, but I did it and rest is history.

Tughlaqabad Fort - The abode of nomads

I spent good enough time in delhi after coming back from Ladakh and then I came back to bangalore. I must have been wondering what to shoot and what not. where to go and where not, and then I was introduced to YPS the youth photography society of bangalore. and I made to a trip to Bandipur National Park with them. My very first wild life safari trip and whoa, I spotted a tiger. couldn't have been a better birthday gift when I knew spotting a tiger in Bandipur is sheer luck.  Seeing a wild tusker peeling off his bamboo stick so meticulously was ice on the cake. I realized I do enjoy wild life. and But I need more equipments .. thankfully both tiger and tusker are well caught in 11-200 range, the one which i own :P Lucky me ;-))

To me the meanest flower that blows can give  Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears. ~  William Wordsworth,

Alright so lets count how many treks in this year. oops its just two. there were no trip of trekmaniax organised in this time period. I was wondering around alone and pavan was busy with his new job. so finally we got together and made a trekking trip to Bramhagiri, another memorable one, though some memories around this time are sour enough to even remember. but well. trek was great. and I missed getting a good massage in irupu falls. :(

World is round and so will you?

most of the folks must be knowing, I was planning the shoot Onam in August, and Thanks to my friend Anish, the plans were all in vain. now the next attempt was to shoot Theyyam which happens in kannur, and kasargode, the latter i never want to visit for some personal reasons. so I decided to do kannur, in november, and I was promised by anish, that this time he'd be available, but he ditched me again. and I kept wondering, if I had enough of going solo.. this year, I dont want to go alone and shoot theyyam at night :P guess I was a bit scared too having heard that its a ritual dance, and also that its kinda aggressive.

Devakkooth Sthreekolam | Lady Theyyam

I took the best bet I decided to go for a day trip ( just a day in kannur) and attend the lady theyyam which only happens once in a year. finally Anish showed some mercy and introduced me to his local friend Praveen, who took me to the place and was a great company. I came to know that this is the last theyyam by Laxmi amma, the lady performer and the next theyyam is gonna happen only in 2015. more reason to feel pleased about the decision of doing a day trip and well now I know 2 people there and also have idea about the place to go and do more shoots sometime.


finally comes the shut down period and if everyone is going for a holiday, whether your working or not, you too feel like going for one, I had brought my car from delhi to bangalore and I was really looking forward to do some long drives and finally the plan of doing a South India Road Trip worked out, I went on the road on Christmas even, with 3 maniacs from my group. we explored every tit bit of tamilnadu, had a crazy time in kerala at Cochin carnival and got back to bangalore in the new year on Jan 2nd evening. the drive turned out to be around 2350kms in total and I became a proud solo driver. LOL. was it fun.... yes it was.. but I guess I realized photography and long drives dont go well together. so we are having more drives in 2011 but maniax, we need more highway drivers.

“Then come the lights shining on you from above. You are a performer......

This does look like one crazy post.. and if you've read it all, you've done a great job.. hats off.. there are lot of incomplete accounts I need to finish both from 2010 and 2009. well I dont know how 2011 going to be in real, but in reel, i.e the blog reel you gonna see and read a lot.. so get set.. we are just getting started here.. chao.

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  1. This is real good post - the old style. I love the photographs you have added and the links to the detailed page. Hope you have another great year as well.

  2. Thank you Mayank. and glad you liked the photographs. many more to come up this month..!!!
    thanks again n wish you a great year too.

  3. Nicely written & great Photography :)...
    U had a Rocking 2010.. Wish u a beautiful & adventurous 2011

  4. reminds me of Steve Mccurry's words

    2010, well spent! :)

  5. Thank you very much CK. m glad to see ur comment too. thanks for the wishes.. you too have a great 2011. :))

  6. :)) nice share Ashwin.. i guess there is only one thing i lack of those in the list.. thats leaving home.. dah.. m too lazy.. i hope to recover from that disease soon... thanks again.. :))

  7. well you seem to had a great 2010. And looking at your recent shots in flickr this year promises to be even better. Keep up with nice work!!!

  8. Thanks Amit.. thanks very much.

  9. Poonam here is wishing you a great time ahead. Adventures and fun filled shoots and all

    Please do not format any cards, not even in your dreams.

    here is a post for Devaramaraya, of the budding model to be


  10. I swear I wont.. :p Thanks for the wishes gurudev and wishing you too a great 2011.
    Thanks for posting this photo, I loved this girl.. she's my Naomi Campbell.. Please send me a copy too soon!!
    and why dont you come down to bangalore.. lets make another trip to Ramanagaram what say?

  11. Yes would love to indeed. so next time in Bangalore..


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