Cascading Amazement - Dudhsagar falls Trekking Adventure, My Article Published in GoAir Inflight Magazine Jan 2011 Issue

9/29/2011 09:11:00 AM

My debut article in Goair Inflight Magazine Go-getter, in its Go-adventure section, published Jan 2011.. do check out print edition if your traveling with GoAir Airline this month. you can read it online here....(feel free to share)

Cascading Amazement - Go Adeventure

PS thanks to my friend Benjamin for the photographs.

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  1. Text by Poonam and photographs by Benjamin (not sure if i would have liked it more the other way).. but congratulations.. look forward for more to come.

  2. haha.. Thanks Mayank.. this is blogging ki jeet over photography, after all thats what I started with...right :P

    well actually,I dint have photographs from the story demanded by the editors so I had to arrange for the pictures from others, fortunately got it from my friend who did the trek.

    to your happiness, the same issue has one of my photograph published as well, which is supporting someone else's article.. I' shall publish it as soon as I get..

    so its my inflight debut of both photography and writing.. feeling good? :P

    Thanks again for all the support.


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