2011 : did you say resolution?

1/11/2011 05:02:00 PM

Looks like my teen self is back, at least it feels like that, like i have never grown. actually this is how I was when I first started blogging in 2007 just writing random stuffs and feelings/emotions or whatsoever was going on in my mind. But there was this big difference.

I hadn't traveled much then, or may be I did in bits and pieces, pilgrimages to be precise, they were never accounted. I had a handful of friends mostly colleagues, and my life pretty much revolved around 'em and my family. by the end of the year 2007 and beginning of 2008 I went through a lot, shed some inhibitions, killed the existence of self imposed fears, not few but loads. I finally decided that this was it, and whatever I want to do in life, I need to start right away and I did. 

fish-skyHere comes the end of 2010, the year 2011 is about to begin, and I am tagged as avid traveler, photographer, trekker, adventurer and what not. I sure have some skills added to my kitty, and a bunch of groups and friends to roam around with, share my experiences and stories with, but life still sucks ;-)

Surprised? :)) ....Okay !! so to most of you, for whom travel is a luxury they cant afford, and who are too busy with life,  to get time off travel and being in the company of nature or nature lovers, who think my life rocks, I have something to say, everything including traveling can be difficult to initiate, but its just that, when you get a hang of it or you get addicted to certain stuff in a certain way, it gets a lot easier.

Honestly, I am still the same person, who I was in that month of Nov in the year 2008, who was afraid to get out of the house for 2 nights with 25 strangers to spend in some jungles of tadiyandmole. now I feel like a gypsy junky, comfortable to pick and pack up my stuff at the wee hours of early morning,  land in a strange new city in the evening, settle down for the night and move ahead again. at the end of the day, everything is about what you expect out of it, i.e. from from you day out traveling, whether you know where are you going or not, you are on the move and you feel like your doing something

So why the life sucks.? may be its too much, the excess of what you see, that can trouble you? personally I have been a victim of human emotions. I am emotional every now and then. I get emotional seeing the vividness of life. I get emotional observing this one boatman in the forest of pichavaram, who rows the boat 10 times a day for 20 kms each, in absolutely unbearable heat of coastal tamilnadu, india, and doesnt even get 300 bucks for it. I get emotional noticing the disconnected people of Nubra valley, who are stuck at one place for 6 months of the year, and who's landline phone connectivity, with the rest of the world, is something, no one is bothered about, let alone the mobile services in that area. 

Yesterday, I went through my south india coastal ride pictures, its where I picked up this sunset shot in rameshwaram, from. Gradually, I moved on to the photos of Ghost town of Dhanushkodi that I shot in that beach trek we did. My 3 hours in this land, gave me a doze of life in actual. The life that these people there, are living, I dont know you can call it hard, its certainly not "GREAT".

A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is better!
Well, shooting landscapes is easy, shooting happy portrait in the weddings, is perhaps even easier. I have a problem shooting pictures of beggars and doing photo-journalism. I think the photos you shoot last in your mind for longer time than they do in the people actually seeing 'em. I cant come back again n again to the those emotional portraits who seem to stare me with tons of questions in their eyes, who ask, why the life isn't as great as it could be for a traveler like me?

...Or may be they aint asking anything at all, and its just an illusion of mine but I know for sure, at least my life is much better than that unfortunate lot and I feel guilty. :-/

So well, all that emotional atyachar, that I end up doing on myself by traveling, photographing etc, My too keen about the details and curious, brain making me think too much, has led me to jot some resolutions down for myself this new year. I want to see happy things, I plan to widen the smile on my little face and if possible those around me, by purposely seeing those happy things only and shooting 'em.

Right? what do you think what should I do? where should I go.? what is that you do to make you happy? where do you go to feel happy?  what is you're list of happy places? :p 

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  1. Whats your joi de vivre? Thats the fundamental question you have raised in your post. Does travel alone would be your beacon in life or something else is an answer you seek and many of us in our own life. That you get pain from misery you see around and troubles you is probably an indication that you have probably moved beyond the excitement one senses when something is new.. and the infatuation settles down to a more mature relationship, could be travel in your case!

    Not sure if finding a happy place and shooting happy people alone will give you joy.. you wouldnt be able to escape the poverty and sadness, unless you choose to live in your car, your home and your office only.

    I dont know if there is a happiness prescription out there, to each his own. I would find mine too, not by trying to hard, but just being honest to myself and doing what I feel like doing, here and now.

  2. you'e right Mayank.. so may be thats the small effort m trying to make.. in fact I realized being in nature alone gives me more peace.. and I had less time out of civilization last year.. hopefully a good enough time spent in lonely mountains and jungles would be a good recipe...

    for now.. I am feeling like shooting tabebuia,bloooming around bangalore :) tomorrow morning that is :))
    keep stumbling upon.. !!!

  3. Traveling and photography bring real happiness and fulfillment when it can contribute to nourishment of philanthropists in us.


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