Kumar Parvata Trek - A Reminiscence

9/29/2010 08:18:00 AM

April 18th 2010

If its journey which is important to you and not the destination, if its walk in the clouds that matters you the most and not the kick of the peak, Kumar Parvata is the right trek for you.

One of the highest peak in Karnataka, Kumar Parvata is most famous for its leech infested forest, a steep waterfall climb, deadly drop at Shesh Parvata, breathtakingly beautiful sunset and what not? we however had a little over the edge experience this summer, including everything we could  have expected.

If there could be one trek in Western ghats most done, and most written/blogged about, then that has to be Kumar Parvata. This peak which is located in pushpagiri wild life sanctuary is 14KM trek from Kukke Subramanya, a famous pilgrimage in south india and is well connected to Bangalore via KSTDC Rajhumsa bus service. somehow we were late booking our bus tickets, hence boarded 2 buses, 4 and 5 persons each back seat, and had a really bumpy ride from bangalore to Kukke. and by the time we reached Kukke Subramanya, most of our bones were broken.

The second bus arrived late, and we started our climb around 7:30AM. The The trek gets steep as soon as it starts, I realized, so did we realized that It was really hot to climb KP in April. Bhatta's house, the famous stop-over at KP is 7KM from the start-point. and its a thick jungle all the way, so the shade had been comforting and so had been the absence of leeches in the summer. 1PM and we reached Bhatta' house.

In the already crowded house, we could occupy one side of the verandah. some of us tried take a short nap after the lunch, some went on exploring the surrounding vegetation, Around 4 PM we climbed to the sunset point and enjoyed the weather and sunset until it started raining cats n dogs and we ran back to the  house. Heavy rains and the night would have been long enough for us to do all those silly conversations, rounds of tea, and some artistry too ( sketching in Kedars' book) late evening the other batch also arrived all drenched and tired and they informed they could only go till the mantap and there were few who decided to camp at Giri gudde's foot. Again the idea of doing the entire climb in the day turned out a mess we definitely never got in to.

Early morning we started sharp 5:30 AM to the forest house which was closed. the guard said we can come back and make the payment. Guide was n't required, as the trail is prominent and one of our member and friend Pavan had been there multiple times before.  we climbed the mantap, had our breakfast and hiked further up to Giri gudde which is the most visible and the front hill to KP and at one point of time, I had thought if that is Kumar Parvata, the peak however was still no where.

It was a dry climb and few clouds surrounding us, wind in fact was a blessing as it was soon to get hot. we reached Shesh Parvata around 8AM. No clouds and we were greeted by a drop dead and gorgeous view of the valley ( by drop dead I mean the slop at shesh parvata) a short nap on the bed at the edge and we ran to the forest, thinking there's gonna be a leech attack considering the heavy rain all night yesterday, thankfully dint encounter many ( with just 1 mother n 2 baby leeches in my account :P)

Had it been monsoon, I wonder climbing the waterfall would have been difficult, the dry weather and summer time made the climb easy. But now that I was wondering why on the earth we had climbed this peak. Oh yes, dint anyone ever mentioned if KP has any view on the top, it rather not. Hill is rather flat on the top and you might walk all around cross the thick plantation to get to other round about side of the  hill. we dint. we set near the temple (on the top) for a while, and ran down soon. 

It was getting hotter, a dip in the fresh water pool near mantapa gave us some energy. back at the forest office, we got busy plucking ah so very tasty gauva (amrood) fruits, and those pretty much served as our lunch. we were back in Bhatta's hosue around 1PM. by 2PM we were descending and I should say it seemed like a never ending path. by the time, I climbed down, it was 5PM and I was almost crying with pain in my knees, hating myself on why I do these things. The cashew fruit came to our rescue then.. ah. I meant to change my mood specially, as we found 2-3 fruits hanging on a tree on our way back to the lodge and pavan was pretty desperate to eat 'em. finally he was successful plucking 'em and we enjoyed both the juice and his stories of cashew-love which took him to the hospital.

| Kumar Parvata |

Back in the lodge whatever happened was a chinese drama totally. heavy rains, a phone lost and never found, crazy people running around, no darshan at kukke and a hurried dinner in local restaurant. Glad it ended as we finally boarded the bus and arrived in bangalore morning 5AM. There had been few changes in this 2 days trip, including the color of the skin, I have still not got back the original. 

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  1. Nice writeup!! You surely got couple of good shots. For me the 1st and the 4rd are clear winners. Looks like a good place to visit.

  2. Thanks Amit. Yup.. you should go this time around.. there'd be leeches but monsoon brings the best out of the western ghats.. I just went to bramhagiri past weekend and it was gorgeous.

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    1. Thanks. Glad it helped and All the best for your project.


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