Can I call myself a press photographer now? :P

9/14/2010 08:08:00 AM

Two and a half months back, When I entered in to the courtyard of Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, I did not know the festival for which I have kept three precious days of my trip reserved, would turned out a disaster of an photography experience. I dint know how one exploits on the name of the press, rather in better words, how luxurious, and glorifying it is to be a media professional. I had paid the usual entry fee of 100 bucks (festival special) and the extra 300/- bucks to roam around in the courtyard free.. atleast thats what the lamas had promised with the ticket..but then came a devil (or i should day they were all devils) pushing you left and right.. and then there was this lady with a troop who was at the top of her misbehaving attitude on the name of press. anyways..lets keep the entire story in different post.. the bottom of the story is,  No matter what, I really want a Press ID now..

When Peevee called up this last Thursday morning as soon as i woke up, I thought, this is my last and final chance of forgiveness and meet him before he heads off to Pondicherry,  as I had put him off twice the same week :((( but then he wanted me to go Nammura Hotel, J P Nagar and do the cover story for Citizen Matter for its issue this fortnight which fell right on Ganesh Chaturthi, the last saturday.
With few guidelines from Meera (Editor, CM) and Nammura hotel website, I could make it to the site. but was disappointed initially when they said they had already prepared almost all sweets for sale coming weekend. But Mr Anand, and the head chef  Mr Shankar, were kind enough to show me the entire process of making steamed Kadubu which is actually the main sweet offered to lord ganesha on this festival. It turned out be a a fun experience to document the whole process, interacting with the kitchen and hotel staff and then sharing few bits with Meera about the whole thing at the end of the shoot. 

So Well, Thus had been the beginning of paid press assignments, One of those I am shooting for right now. and as I write I wonder if I am a press photographer now and I can jump in to the press stand and get the special treatment :P Lets see..;-)

Online Story & Photos
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(Pics - Cover shot, page 10,11 both pics.) 

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