To Land We Love - Save Ladakh

8/09/2010 06:54:00 PM

I never thought I'd be writing this post. Just 3 weeks back I was right there in that  peaceful land, amidst festivities and those simple and warm people, and today I am here, shocked, and deeply saddened by the tragedy ladakh has trapped in to. The high altitude desert all of sudden is been caught by heavy rains, flash-floods and cloudburst washing all that coming its way. while the rescue operations are in full swing against this nature's fury, I hear only bad news, as heavy rains and landslides continue to sweep all the hopes of  bringing life back to normality in the region. 

The magnitude if this devastation has been multiplied by the facts, its being a peak tourist and a holiday season for local students as well who were back home this summer. while many villages in indus valley including choglamsar, which is the biggest settlement after leh, in ladakh region, and half of Leh town is flattened by the floods, zanskar and nubra valleys are also affected due to landslides and this has turned out to be a nightmare for adventurers and trekkers who are stuck in no-help trekking region. Indian army in nubra and indus valley is also worst hit by the floods losing valuable soldiers who were on rescue operations. with the death-toll increasing every hour, we can only pray for this catastrophe to stop soon and for those, who are no longer with us, to rest in peace. 

What has happened, is irreparable, and it'd take months and years, before these horrible memories shall be omitted from our mind, but now is the time to show support and solidarity. to help people who are left stranded with no family and home, to those who are injured and in need of help by intensifying rescue and rehabilitation efforts by Army and various NGOs and individuals. Following is the information I have received about ongoing efforts from various networks, where you can contribute. 

1 - Road Less Traveled A delhi/ladakh based travel company and NGO, are woking on collecting funds and also the items of immediate need. contact - Amit -9811500057 more details here.
2- Samarpan foundation delhi needs volunteers, funds and relief material, contact - Manisha 09810708672.
3- Sankar Sridhar, A traveler and photographer is traveling to leh, and has set up an account for flood relief fund. details Update on the Flood Relief Fund account, for everybody who are considering an electronic transfer. Details Below.  
Beneficiary Name : Flood Relief Fund AMI Leh
Account Number : 0069040100027906
Account type : Savings
Bank Name : The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd
Branch : Leh - Main Market
5- Ladakh Ecological Development Group:
7- LAMO foundation:
10 - LEDeG Disaster Relief Fund
A/C no. 31329098516
State Bank of India, Leh Branch
Please check out the links, do your bit the way you can. I shall add more ways to contribute as i find. some more details added by a friend here

I am currently awaiting more information from my local friends in leh-ladakh on their well being.  Since this is going to be a continuing  effort  for few months ahead, I'd soon be updating this page with account detailing how I personally, along with friends and you all can do it to help ladakh. Lets do it for the land we love. lets save ladakh.

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  1. Simply awesome post !!!

    i know it's an understatement but i do't know what u call a thing better than'Awesome'. its beens almost a month since i quit my job looking for some adventure and life, reading very travelogue coming my way and i can say this is simply the best i come across. One reason i guess is stunning photography. i am feeling much fresh and 'into'the place after going through this post.

    Thanks you very much.

  2. @Curious Mind - HI Curious Mind. Thanks so much for the compliments.. I am really glad, That my work could refresh you, and that you liked my experiences. I hope I can continue to do so.. all the very best to you for your adventures share 'em.. and keep commenting.

  3. there is near about 300 kanals of agricultural lands destroyed in Tyakshi village of turtuk area, and till date no funds received from either govt nor any other agencies, so we need your help for the same, to immediate reconstruction of the area.


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