City Market, Bangalore - A Mini Photo Shoot & A Morning, Worth an Early Wake-up

9/26/2011 04:30:00 PM

Locally known as City Market, KR Market, is  a century old, and one of the oldest wholesale markets in Bangalore. Tightly packed with masses, selling and buying almost everything from flowers to vegetables, fruits/dry fruits and anything in the world you might need in your daily lives, This market in Chickpet area of Bangalore, wakes up as early as 5 to 6 AM, and soon while the dawn breaks, you can find the riots of colors scattered around all over the streets, and with that increases the hustle-bustle of the traffic, which would consist everyone from overwhelmed people, to peddlers, to rickshaws and thelas to our modern days vehicles fitted with heavy horse-engine-power.

From Koramangala in south bangalore, to City market, in North Bangalore, for me its like a time-travel to good old Bangalore. A city which is busted with Shopping malls, and other fancy food outlets, City Market reminds me of the same old Ghaziabad Ghantaghar market, which after 25 years still looks and feels very same. 

Waking up early morning, is not my cup of tea, no matter how much I try to persuade myself, something or the other brings me back in the arms sleep and if I don't, the day gets full of not so charming aftermaths of lack  of it. I have been trying to cover a few places, specially markets in bangalore, since last couple of weeks, and unfortunately, only good time to shoot these places is early mornings.

Another hinderance in shooting markets for me, is my shyness that I still abode, Well, I don't know, if folks around me would believe it, but thats so true, Its very difficult for me to be alone and shoot in the market like areas. so when Peevee planned for a morning shoot with Lakshmi, i hopped in, and as energetic as he' is, He woke me up in the morning, so however late for a half of an hour, but I and Sandesh, made it to City Market, by 7AM finding Raghu, Ranjit, Peevee and Lakshmi already busy shooting in, the flower Market. 

We browsed through the flowers sellers street, an old multiple story building which looked like an old mall, a home to many shops selling steels, plastic home carrys', to vermilions of different colors and many women vendors making fresh flower garlands, which I believe, were ready to be exported to various parts and places in Bangalore.

Good fun this shoot ended on a good note. Peevee found his shoot@sight article published in the newspaper, while Raghu found his flower-lady on the streets whom he shot a year back and wanted to hand her over, that Black & White portrait print.  he has to come again since his   lower lady has demanded him a colored copy of her portrait.

PS. Well, this was just a quick tour to the place. I am yet to explore the corner areas of this Market, so hopefully few more visits and shoots and blog posts, in this series, and also on Tipu Palace and Bangalore fort, the two historical places nearby, which I visited 2 weeks back.

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  1. I have the same plan, but never made it. Kindly inform me if you guys are planning to go shooting there again

  2. it is very nice picture of flower,looking super!


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