"Unakum enakum anandam" & The Latest Performance on Dance India Dance Season 2 by Binny Sharma

12/20/2009 11:21:00 AM

Yet another googling session, after watching it on DID Season 2 yesterday, but couldn't find the name of the song again. I first heard on Channel [V] I Long back, i think. So This time I searched for the video first and then sent the link to my friend Kartik, (who's mother tounge is tamil) to identify the song for me :) and finally I could get the mp3 of both remixed and original version.

The song is "Unakum enakum anandam" sung by S Janaki and music by Ilayaraja. The remix is done using the vocals and some bass of the original and of and in the album "the Elephunk theme" by Black Eyed Peas Only!. and I dont thing there is any official video by BEP. Neither i could find the original movie video. but good news...I have both songs mp3 to download . Enjoy!!!
Click to download: Remix & Original
P.S. My bros gonna be real happy. I already have sent 'em the song, guess what he's asking me to trim it n send him again so that he can set his ring tone right away!!.. lazy bone!! huh.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the song Unakum enakum anandam. The moment i saw it on DID.., i was so much captured that i tried a lot of things early this morning to find which song it is, but to no avail. Then as i was working..., something came to my mind and i googled and lo and behold.., i saw ur blog and the song.., thanks a lot from the bottom of the heart!

  2. thanks for the remixed version dear lady....i really tried hard but could't locate one....

    Please tell me how you found it and where ?....

  3. Thanks a lot.At last i found out ..thanks thanks...


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