The Lost Region - Ombattu Gudda Trek Route

11/16/2009 09:29:00 AM

Trek route to Nine Hills peak, in karnataka, we climbed a day back in a two days trekking trip, full post here

[click to Enlarge]

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  1. Hi Poonam,
    Great effort with the screenshot!
    I understand how hard it is to find reliable and exhaustive information for hiking and trekking trails in India. That's why I built, a website trying to make adventure travel in India easy.
    You can try creating this trail on an interactive map and then embed it on your blog. If you have GPS tracks for it, you can create a trail by uploading that too. Do check it out.

  2. Hey Ajay. thanks for stopping by, great thought and idea, sure I shall check your page out. would sure be of great help for everyone, if it does what you claim it can do definitely

  3. Hi Poonam,

    Can you please tell me what GPS you are using and where you got it? I am planning to buy one for my treks. btw, I am in Bangalore.



  4. Hi Hemmige.. I do not have a GPS and this route map is from what i remember.. however the team do had a GPS>. i need to check which one it was.. shall let you knw then..


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