On a Travel Spree - The Calender Year 2009

10/29/2009 04:34:00 AM

A few days, and 2 months left over of the year, Is it a good time to analyze how the year 2009 had been for me? 
may be yes? 
may be not a bad idea to jot down all the write-ups and picture sets together in one post with a brief introduction of each or just the links perhaps? so well, a little break from another few upcoming long roopkund travelogues lets go ahead and write how this page, which I first created in feb 2007, has been doing this year.

Beginning Dec 19th 2008, when I stepped out for my first trek to karanataka's third highest peak, Tadiyanmole, If there is something, that has been constant this year for me, then that would be traveling. (ofcourse I am not going on to the work affairs much) and so had been this blog, kinda shifting a bit more on to travelogues side.

Throughout these 10-11 months, I not only could strike a balance between trips to mountain and beaches, (alternative) and enjoyed the change immensely, but also made lot of positive friends from these trips too. From people in my first trip to Karwar, I got inspiration for photography as well, A hobby, which I always have wanted to pursue, but never really brought to materialize. Soon I got my first DSLR and gears, and that surely added some ultra fun in the hiking and other adventure trips. Along with the space that I already had with my domain, and is yet to be filled up, I got another account , pro flickr, to put up pictures. (shows how serious I could be ;-))

Alright, so here I lay a table with my links of travelogues in past and corresponding flickr sets and few upcoming travel plans as well.

DateTrip Details
Jan 24-26thAqua Sport trip to Karwar, karnataka

Feb 7thA moon lit Night Trek to Ramanagaram, The famous rock-climbing destination in south.
Feb 15th
Airshow 2009

Feb 21-23rdKarwar II - Trip to Devbagh

March 8thNight Trek to Makkalidurga, Near Ghati Subramanya

March 13-14th Trek to Chembra Peak and Meenmutty water falls, Wayanad kerala

Apr 7th. Bannerghatta National park, Grand Safari.

Apr 18-19th Mulliyangiri, Galikere, Kemannagundi, & Hebbe Falls Chikmagalur

May 1-3rdScuba Diving trip to Goa.
May 9th Moonlit night cave exploration in Antargange

Jun 13-14thA Trek to Kudremukh Peak

July 18thA KSTDC one day tour to Belur-Halebidu-Shravanbelagola

Aug 14thBheemeshwari - cauvery river rafting camp
Sep 6thA KSTDC one day trip to Mysore-Shivanasamudra-Somnathpur & Rangnathittu bird sanctuary

Sep 12-14thExploring ECR -A Road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry

Sep27-Oct 6thTrekking to Himalaya- Roopkund/Junargali Pass

Oct31-Nov1stTrek to Bandajje, Dharamasthala
Nov 14th-15thTrek to Ombattu Gudda
Nov 28-29th

Trek to Kodai-Munnar
Dec 24th-31st
Biking Expedition in Goa - YHAI event.
  • Travelogue- yet to be posted.
  • Flickr Album- yet to be posted.

Well! So go ahead browse through and do let me know how do you like 'em. hoping to finish off rest of the travelogues and posting pictures soon, and also crossing my fingers for the plans ahead. over-all 2009 had been first ever year of my life traveling and trekking and I'm so lovin' it.

Pictures and Writeups-
Copyright 2009, Poonam Parihar.
No derivatives allowed.

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  1. I should say, This year you beat me in traveling! But I got 2 himalayan treks in my list huh!

  2. haha! I just kick-started this year u knw..and glad i made to himalayas in my first year of traveling itself...
    Next year, lets wait n watch...;-)

  3. Adding thumbnail from each trip, post dated updated to 29th. orginally posted on 10/24/2009

  4. wow!! amazin pics
    thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thank you Sorcerer.. glad u like 'em..
    keep commenting..

  6. wow!! amazin pics
    thanks for sharing :)

  7. I should say, This year you beat me in traveling! But I got 2 himalayan treks in my list huh!


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