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9/24/2009 06:21:00 AM

Sep 24th, 2009, 3:12 PM

2 Autons, 2 TEACATs, hotICE enclosures to be added and the little issue with regression to be checked out ( which collegue told a moment back about), I wonder, do I have enought time to prepare for sunday flight?

Morning I called up both Jayesh and Naresh ( R K) (Both the Famed Camera shop owners in Bangalore city) to check if they got the pouches now atleast for god sake. Jayesh doesn;t reply, I send sms as well. no reply yet. Naresh says he's tired calling the guy who's supposed to bring him tamroc lens pouch samples and he' hasnt showed up yet. Lowepro anyways not available.

I am thinking, if the vest harness and belt, I am getting from US is gonna be of any use in this first ever long and himalayan trek of my life. wish I could chekc before itself that these guys sell all the lens case/pouches separately and not with the vest or waist belts. now the best i could do is to wait till saturday, and get the silica gel and be happy!. (Meanwhile keep chekcing with lowepro dealers of when they're shipping the cases, to buy after the trip in Delhi/Bangalore anywhere)my dream camera accessory (Lowepro S&F vest harness)


Aug 17th 2009,
Today is when this all starts. I was always a bit nervous about trekking in Himalaya. (may be similar void kinda feeling like what i had when I looked at the ocean for the first time. not sure). Pavan went in July for a Tapovan trek trip but came back half completed due to bad weather. He has another trip coming up this September end, with some folks he met in a forum, (most of 'em form Kolkata) and I had been asking him to pull a slot in there from there for me as well. YHAI hasn't announced any since May this year when I joined 'em. I want to go, at the same time am a bit skeptical.

3:41pm and He pings me, asking if I can come to Roopkund. I instantly say YES. and I wonder if its the same trip he has planned. "Nope that one is cancelled, this is another" he replies.

I put it up on facebook , ask friends from kudremukh gang and others. registration goes quick, the quick spread in a span of 3-4 days i guess. at the end, we are a batch of 10 people.. Me , Pavan , Sujeet, Bhanu, Neelima, ravi, raghu, kunal, ambareesh and abhilasha, all being pretty excited about the long trip for few its being the first trip to grand himalaya quite like mine.

coming back to 24th Sep, thats today, there had been few short stories from that day, till now. some mails for discount, and other things from organizers, phone/sms, preparation, to call minor, and then there is this shopping at decathlon and pondicherry trip almost 2 week back being the major for me specially.

Imran, not too keen, but tried for a slot, finally registers for a 4 days trek to Indrahara pass, in himachal pradesh organized by state govt. from Dharamshala, and is pretty excited about it.

click on map to view in large.

Sep 25th, 4:20 PM

I am still workin on Hotice which is still on fire. time I got is till 10 AM tomorrow to be precise, and then i need to make some rounds outside and get few things and pack. our discussion thread is getting hotter, and looks like everyone is up n replying now. Meanwhile the news we get is, Abhilasha has dropped and we are 9.
I and pavan decide to cancel the evening tickets (samparka kranti) and book ranikhet along with others who also have done tatkal booking since there previous bookings are still going on waiting.

Now that I have written so much on the happenings around me, for those to whom it still isnt making any sense. here is the summary:

"Roopkund is a lake located in chamole district of uttranchal, himalaya, at around 17500 fts, (database) & 15500ft (according to the organizers) to which we have planned for a trek. we' thats me along with another eight have planned to take a flight for delhi, on Sep 27th morning from bangalore international airport, and take the train to kathgodam from Old delhi railway station and the same day. Kathgodam is around 35 kms from Nainital, a famous hill station in Uttarakhand. from Kathgodam we'll be taking a road trip via bhimtal, kausani, gwaldom, and baijnath to loharganj, which is approximate 10 hours journey and we plan to stop / view and feed our eyes whenever possible. and finally loharganj is from where we'd be starting our trekking trip to roopkund/junargali on 29th morning.

Sounds exciting, isnt' it. this is gonna be my maiden trip up that high, note that I have stayed in Ghaziabad/Delhi almost all my life, but I haven't gone ahead and up Haridwah.

btw, the most important, I fail to do and forget to post, there is a huge "to do" list posted by our organizers (indiahikes), which I remember says, we need to run atleast 4 km per day and drink as much water as we can... I am yet to verify this fact from the group, but as much as I knw, we have been tooooooo damn busy to hit the gym, and mostly lagging around, cursing the office work. drinking water, yes, thats a bit in and so are the sprouts suggested by neelima, and courtesy my horses, I have been missing riding classes so much that I am eating chana sprouts myself in their sweet memories, and last but not the least, got 3 dark chocs packed and shipped by Rejo, which Bhanu is getting, I hope that'd solve my dehyration issue. [ you cant eat dark choc with out water, trust me]. so guess we look all set, aint we?

Next post: 27th morning, evening, sometime on 27th ? hopefully... watch this space.

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