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7/01/2009 04:47:00 AM

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May this year when I finally made a 3 some days trip to India's world famous Goa, except having enjoyed the Goan Beach atmosphere, What I was in a look out for more, was the remote goa, the culture and the tradition. which I couldnt', having spent one day on grand island and two nights at Baga..(all the time I had in this trip), but which I thoroughly enjoyed and offcourse Palolem is worth mentioning as well, and came back with the thirst of going again and this time promising myself to get a good deep inside view of Goan people and Life. and well, Lucky enough, I got a trip plan exactly what I was waiting for.

YHAI, The Youth Hostel Association of India, as a subset of a youth moment started in Germany almost a century back, has really emerged as a ground for connecting people. YHAI along with Hosteling International, not only provides low cost accommodations at various part of India and the world, but promotes Travel, Adventure in all part of the country, and is certainly something not to be missed out by an avid traveler.

Being from NCR (National Capital Region), I had been around Chanakyapuri area a few times, but always thought of activities part of Delhi University programmes and have mostly ignored, till I came back to India last year, and started traveling in Karnataka and exploring adventure opportunities in india. The volume of available places and options, to my surprise are not only enormous, I figured, the awareness about these places is equally low, even In this era of internet and Globalism, and having thought of it, and with my love for travel and photography and writing, I decided I should probably try and put these exotic places up on the world up more prominently. hence the regular travelogues and plans and below are the few from YHAI.

The Biking Expedition in Goa in December 2009, has come as perfect opportunity for me to explore Goa, and spend some time, with my mates at this exotic place in west India. The Trip plan looks like a dream come true, and with the Shut-down at the work place at the same time, the whole thing set out as nothing but the right programme at the right time. The other two programmes, the trekking, and sailing expeditions, too provide a great chance, to enjoy the thrill of western ghats, water falls, and Sarine beaches of Goa and a real taste of adventure. [ details here ]

Apart from Goa Expeditions, Below are the other three events in YHAI plate, I am interested in, and excited about, and well hoping to make it to atleast one of 'em in my Q1 holidays.

1- Trek in Jabalpur Khajuraho Chitrakoot 2009 (20th Oct - 26th Oct, 2009)

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