Who do you think you are?

7/29/2009 12:56:00 AM

Tag = "a keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information;" Argh! how boring this definition could be, remember your childhood, you hating to study, or those who got kids, well might understand it better. but theory and definitions are no longer a taboo. theories kill, the gen-next believe in applications. and tagging in internet world is happening and sure burning hot.

Alight I am not gonna write three paragraphs bringing the history of form where the tagging kick started. I think it was there all the time, may be in some other forms and words. but as far as internet goes, there aint no internet with out tagging. google would never work, and no search 'd be made easier if their aint a tag. So you know the importance now. Cool!.

2009, half gone, and here are the social networking sites, like facebook/orkut, making online life (i m not sure how often offline life is being touched) a bizzare with the set of applications. mantra is "be on our page & thats all we want!" For me, there are few important people in my life, who used to be walking and talking human beings earlier now turned in to these web pages, which I shuffle around a few times in a day/week/month and thats my only interaction and effort to keep the connection on! okay! looks like I am getting diverted here.

So whether your a webpage, a keyword, a face in the photo, or you got a little more identity of yours, here is the latest trend in the tagging. you think you're a princess of dutches or wales, tag yourself or get your best friend tagged you as one. you hate someone the most, tag him/her the bada**. who cares. this is one way of telling people, "who do you think you are" , kind a line of attitude, bring it down! alright .. nothing really taking away the good part of it, its kinda fun job, more or less scrapbooking with your favorite comic characters, hollywood stars/personalities, dialogues/emotions, game, human, animals almost everything. Nah you dont believe me?, here is to all the drunkyards around, they can name their friend, dedicating 'em to their favorite brands. how cool is that? ;)

You can find plenty of taggable picturs here to choose your favorite from, or you could do an" image google" searching for "taggable picutre" and enjoy these pictures on any of your facebook, orkut, myspace pages. alternatively, if you creative enough go make yourself one, and tag along.

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