Trekker's Psychology

7/07/2009 08:34:00 AM

Well, This post isn't a travelogue really. But I am surely picking up some instances from treks in past few months or rather all the treks I have done so far. I had always loved traveling, but somehow, Regular traveling was never materialized, one reason off course being company or not having a like minded group, (everyone is busy, take it) first time trekked to Coorg, I was skeptical, if at all fulfilling my quest of travel and seeing place this idea was good enough. But Yes! One trip out, and I knew I 'd a regular soon.

Trekking isn't traveling but one kind, and that adventure. since i am trying to focus it on the trekkers' specifically, I'll sideline the other sort of holidays be it family, or just remote, and change of air n water. This I take as one group of young hearts who, with their backpacks on, set together for an adventure trip to wild, hoping for having a one-o-one with the nature.

So is it only the travel, which attracts the trekker? or is it adventure? or its something more? well, whatever it is which is attractive, but mostly its one trip back only when it starts working, and leading you to conquer to the next ones. you start mingling with strangers. tents and sleeping bags and open sky turns attractive, including the regular bonfire, Antaakshari, Dumb Charades, and PJ sessions. you no longer look forward for the luxury, but the closeness to nature. 25 km steep walks in Sparkeling sun tire you no more, and the addictionscales so high, that few weeks in town, after a trip, and you stop no further. but how it starts got some psychology behind it.

Well, As I mentioned in one of my post, I was a late starter. but i always loved traveling and of all kinds. So as soon as I got the right trip planned. I set off. Now Most of the people I talk to on daily basis, are the folks I made friends in these trekking trips, and yes we end of talking about our old trips, planning of our next trips together, chatting o n our off-trek lives and what makes us go so crazy about these weekend trips. while few of us have got out sole love for traveling and adventure, and that turn out as kick starter. the other few are those who get stressed out at work, and want a quick calm sleep in mother natures' lap and get back to work fresh on monday, and so that push them to their first trek trip. some hate gym and cardio, and think of it as a best work out along with fun, there are some desperate to forget the bad things and break-ups and all. Yup, surprisingly this percentage is quite a bit. you have fresh and old memories, you cant get over those, start trekking, go to mountain, when your back, you' wont remember anything. You used to have perfect weekend plans. Now there is nothing, Plan a trip to waterfall, get a good dip and all other plans get washed out. one of my friend mentions, I find it the best way to get over few things you cant otherwise. You have a crush on someone, you meet him/her almost everyday, You 'aint able to avoid that person, you need a change of mind. alright, trekking is the most solution. forget going to a psychiatrist coming out of depresssion, arrange your back-pack, and switch your GPS on and you wont need a clinical treatment ever. trekking in a true sense, would be natural healing process for your body, mind and soul.

Lets talk on the contrary side of it. You're alone so your trekking makes sense. but if your two or more (I mean family and kids) its quite evidently difficult to leave kids and spouse at home and trek. doesnt make any sense for some. I came across this amusing discussion which exactly hits the root of this issue. we can give multiple reasons we want to go for adventure. but if someone stopping you, those reasons merely work. well, there are couples who enjoy trekking together, but if your' ain that lucky you might look out for ways to either convince your partner for either coming along with you and or letting you go. ( try the first one first ;)) though I suggest coming to the later one directly might put you in to trouble.

Eitherways, No matter how you started your first, and How your keeping on to it, regular trekking is something fruitful and with almost nill cons. anything but a driving factor could take you to meet you and your surrounding in their most original form. be you a lover of solitude, or like bonding with people, be you an outrider, or some one the slowest. be you a lover of nature, or just like to get out of the concrete jungle to some discrete place, here is one for all, Trek On.

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