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6/30/2009 03:37:00 AM

First Time I crossed the border and entered in Goa, I was thrilled, excited, imagining a not so widened road with palm trees on both sides, and a roaring blue water body, as close as i get down the vehicle, and touch it. mercury which was giving no signs of going low, would suddenly loose her monkey face, and melt somewhere down in that cool wind blowing from the west. but what was it? till now I had seen nothing like it.

This was the last of the first half years' long weekends, and having wasted the 2 out of the 3 long weekends in Bangalore, doing almost nothing, May 1-3 long weekend outing was nothing less than a calling on Gods. I swore to myself I got to go somewhere with pretty much no idea of where. Hampi was one place in mind, and so was my almost then impossible Lakshyadweep, But Goa won hands down. Yeah, the only 3 days outing available which I could make then, without much struggle and I was all set to go.

It was a Scuba trip from BMC, and for me having no swimming skills, it was pretty much a day wasted on the boat, if at all I could snorkel and save it. but who cares, I haven't had seen Goa before, may be a try on diving, if not then snorkelling, and then there is this place to explore anyways, with all these thought in mind, It was hardly a no, against all odd I faced till I boarded a 12 seater Mini Bus with few familiar faces, and fun folded and crunched, as we living beings fixed n moved and travelled in that tiny little match box called 12 Seat - Tempo traveller.

The Sikh Dhaba on NH-4 near Nelamangala was never this great. we had stopped here, in our previous trip to Chikmagalur, but we never had the full fledge food with the mango chatani, and the kheer. the taste pretty much took me to the past, and I was counting days, months n years, since when I dint have that sour taste of raw mangoes. and If at all I had been missing it.

travelling in a small group and in a TT, the best or the only advantage is that people can mingle with each other better than a 35/25 seater coach where, where dont feel like turning your head and look back. Visibilities/hearing gets better, and so games get better. anyways, with few adequate stops in Jog falls, (no better this time, but good enough time we spent, and had a good breakfast n morning session as well) and kumta, for fuelling, by the time we reached Goa border, it was pretty much 12 in the afternoon. The first sight of the sea, in Karwar, was as exotic and magical as it could be, but entering in to Goa border the sea/mountains were all gone, and all around was this dry semi-forest, and no so blue-white sky, totally a contrast to my imaginary Goa, people cant stop praising still.

"Hum Bane Tum Bane Ek Duje Ke Liye"
Someone please give me the count, how many times we heard this song on the trip? fifty? hundred? or few hundreds? The two so over played CDs would have almost killed as if we weren't a sport of travel and music, few complained, few hated, but those were on, determind to evolve some stories out the trip, either way, some music is better than nothing is my philosophy, so did I complain? Nope.

The No Sea and High Mercury could have been forgiven with another 100 Km gone by with the Konkan rail reminding us of of the train song in movie "Aradhana" But the fly-overs and Big Buildings standing tall like any other metro , totally took out the Goa I had in my heart, Is this Goa, I thought upsettingly. A quick stop at panaji Bus stand, we filled our belly a bit with junk foods of our likings, while waiting for Ajey, the Scuba Instructor from Goa, and till we reached the resort for the training, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, A close to 20 hours journey from Bangalore.I was the only non-swimmer in the dozen and I was still trying hard to get on to Scuba, If at all I could. Paroma and Ravish were for snorkeling so they played spectators , lazying around and most of the folks completed their training successfully and left, while others chilling in water, and Well, I standing last observing my chance of life in the first ever trial in the history, in water. I gave a try, holding the mask in mouth, I almost felt puking, A little I managed then, But was not able to put the mask back on while under water. few minutes, and I gave up the idea. Ajey moved on with Harsha, and I did some rounds in n out, two sides of the pool till they were done with the training. a Quick remark from ajey, that I was able to swim, was a moral booster in itself for my future expeditions and ambitions to conquer water n marine life. all good till now.

Its been 2 months, so I have kind of forgotten, the Lodge name, we booked in the same Lane as of Titos' The famous pub in Goa. But well, what was unforgettable was Baga, The beach, with its own life, and The Captains Cabin. While other people just dispersed in pubs and disc around, we three, Imran, harsha, and Me were at Captain's having may be the longest dinner of our life. The most memorable of our trip I think. There came the slow mystical music from Behind, there came the waves from the front, leaving us awstruck in the middle of times. and Then there was this fenny, The only thing I could find in my pre-trip multiple google searches, prominent of all, The Places to visit, the things to do, and The time to go. it was more or less like those polio drops for me, as I sipped my glass of sprite with some 10-20ml of fenny in it and finished it in record 3 hours. way to go, wasnt' it? I thought.

My trip to Grand Island could have been bit better with a normal life jacket on, and If could snorkel. I collected 3 Life jackets and snorkeling gears and put 'em on the boat. but I wonder who took my gears anandita or anand, I went into water, with the scuba jacket and the rest of the story was horrible (lesson learnt folks - scuba jacket positions you upside down) anyways, while folks enjoyed their snorkeling and scuba diving in Goan Sea, I sat in the boat, closing my eyes and hoping the time to get over soon. with all the strength i did try once while the life jacket was free, but literally vomited while trying the snorkeling mask, and declared it was time to go.

Back at baga, I was relatively happy. We jet skiied, We parasailed in night, we got good dip in water, we clicked pics. three of us, Sachin, Imran and me, walked across the beach To calungate beach, and discovered in the way, about this restuarent called Suza Lobo. roamed around with the token number 44, in the beach market, with some lassi in the empty belly and a hunt for hats and t-shirts, atleast something to get form goa. well, I got the hat, Imran coulnt. later Joined in our wait for food with harsha, We had another mighty dinner experience in a Goan beach at Suza lobo to remember. The walk back to Baga was full of sad songs and endless laughter. not so soon, but another one of kind night was over, and it was time to head back to bangalore, in the morning.

Few of us, Anandita, Prakash, Jayati, and Chidanand, stayed back to explore, while we started our journey back around 7, since Imran had to leave for chennai around 11/11:45 on Sunday night. He had a mind change or it was our convincing power, we added few more hours in our place, stopped at Palolem Beach and it was another experience of a life time. No hurry to go, roaming around the plate, some jumped in green-blue crystal clear water, some ate to th extent of their stomach can expand, some iced their eyes, with all the foreign bikini beauties, the beach experience turn out to one of the best of all times. Heading back, we stopped at every single notch and corner, for tea, for snacks, for dinner, or just like that, only to reach bangalore, 6 in the morning.

the trip is long over. But those three and half days are locked somewhere in the memory, few remembering their scuba stints, few the para sailing, the other few, the majestic beach nights of Goa, All but ready to make another trip to that corner of fun.

For me, It was some experience, a bit unexpected, a little bizzare too, but fun. One thing I couldnt' do in this trip was to roam around in Goa, and explore the culture and people which I like to do the best, the next trip inline I hope would be doing just that. ( YHAI biking expedition in Goa - pretrip post coming soon, for pictures, click the cam on the right.)

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  1. aha . now I see why you have joined swimming classes . The catalyst was scuba diving !

  2. haha. thats quite a comparison.;-) thanks for stopping by brian..!


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